Shay smiling while walking around campus

Shay Lo

21 | Global Security (Counterterrorism)

A little bit about me

My name is Cheyenne, but everyone calls me Shay! I am the first daughter of a migrant family and I moved to Perth when I was seven. I started at Murdoch through the OnTrack program after missing out on my required ATAR by only two points, and now study a Bachelor of Global Security.

My ultimate dream is to be the CEO of my own not-for-profit organisation to help women find safe and affordable access to all kinds of healthcare. I hope to create a safer world for women and open up the dialogue between men and women about women’s issues.

My journey to uni 

Starting university study through OnTrack gave me time to get into the flow of university, and I know without OnTrack the transition from high school to university would not have been as smooth for me.

I found everything about OnTrack pretty easy to get through. Having longer school-like hours helped me get through all the assignments and activities in class. All the assignments were very straightforward, and class was always enjoyable!

My way of thinking

I’m a firm believer that the knowledge and skills I gain from university, and life outside of it, is power. I feel it is my moral duty to represent underrepresented groups and minorities. I want to be a voice for the unheard.

I am very passionate about social issues relating to the LGBTQI community, feminism, security and the environment. I think it’s important to understand how lucky we are to be alive in a time like now. Despite the stories we see on the news, we have the power to change our world. We can turn our emotion into action.

I feel it is my moral duty… I want to be a voice for the unheard.
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How I knew what I wanted to study

I originally started off studying cyber security but transferred into counterterrorism during the third week of semester one. I loved it, and on my first assignment I got a Distinction – then I knew I had found my course! 

I chose to study at Murdoch because it was close to me and the only university that offered Security & Counterterrorism and Global Politics & Policymaking as a double major. I’ve loved being able to get to know my lecturers and learning different topics relevant to my field of study.

Being at Murdoch has pushed me to exceed the exceptional and never settle. I can always achieve so much more than I believe I am capable of, and Murdoch has helped me learn that.

Finding my tribe 

My favourite thing about Murdoch is the tight-knit community. All the staff members have been extremely encouraging and supportive in my journey as a university student – help is everywhere so long as you ask for it!

Murdoch and all my professors and the students I’ve met have helped me to broaden my horizons and expand my thinking, and without OnTrack, I probably wouldn’t have decided to enrol in Murdoch for my undergraduate studies.