Ross and Steve taking a selfie while holding a cat

Our dream of entrepreneurship came true

Ross Wyness (Bachelor of Commerce) and Steve Joslyn (Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine & Surgery)

A little about us

Ross: I'm co-founder and COO at VetDB.

VetDB is a cloud ecosystem and software platform that connects previously siloed health systems. It enables the automated, accurate recording of data and provides access to vital information and medical histories at the moment the animal is being attended to.

It is the most exciting, exhilarating, and stressfully demanding thing I’ve ever done. And I love it. My career started with Red Bull, where I worked in sales, marketing, and brand management over a nine-year stint.

I feel like I've always had an entrepreneurial side and an itch to get into business myself. 

Steve: I am the CEO of VetDB. I'm originally Canadian, but I grew up in Hong Kong. In my career I’ve worked as a small animal vet, a horse vet, an academic radiologist – and I've lived around the world.

In my final clinical years I fell in love with radiology, in part due to the teaching and enthusiasm of Murdoch University radiologists. I had a particular love for physics in high school, so radiology was a perfect fit when I discovered it.

How we met

Ross: We met on my first day at university, when we moved into the same flat at the Student Village. I had just arrived from Cape Town and Steve had flown in from Hong Kong. Student Village was a great landing pad, and it proved to be the best possible thing for me.

Why I chose Murdoch

Ross: Firstly, I chose Murdoch because of the culture and community I'd heard existed on campus. I was moving countries, so making new friends and connections was important to me. Secondly, Murdoch’s Bachelor of Commerce provided a lot of flexibility in the first year, so I enjoyed being able to experience numerous facets of commerce before locking in a particular path.

Steve: I always wanted to be a vet and the Veterinary Science degree was, and still is, instantly recognised around the world. Murdoch University is unique in that it has a full veterinary teaching experience, farm included, on campus. I had met many Murdoch vet alumni overseas, and they spoke highly of the course.

Starting a business together

Ross: After years of friendship and following our own separate career paths, we came together to solve this patient-data disconnect problem through VetDB. Creating something that never existed before and changing the status quo for the better is a fantastic feeling.

If we're successful, we have an opportunity to make a profound impact on veterinary medicine, which is extremely motivating and exciting.

What I thought my career would be like

Ross: I always imagined running my own company. In every class or assignment, I'd put it through the filter of what I would do in my company. It was rare that I'd picture myself working in a corporate environment or for someone else.

Steve: What I had originally thought my career would become before I started vet school has not turned out that way at all. I assumed it would be quite general, like you read about in James Herriot books, so I expected to have a job seeing all sorts of animals in a local community. But making my way through school it became obvious that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of jobs using the skills and knowledge you get from a veterinary degree.

What my Murdoch degree did for me

Ross: I believe that curiosity is one of my more valuable traits, and Murdoch fostered that. In my opinion, curiosity leads to multiple interests and diverse skillsets. And having diverse skills and experiences allows you to see a problem or opportunity from more than one point of view and, ultimately, be more dynamic and adaptable to address it.

Steve: My Murdoch training prepared me for a career in equine medicine, small animal medicine, and, ultimately, as a specialist radiologist. The choice of which type of career was entirely mine. That’s the beauty of a veterinary degree that prepares you for real life.