Emmanuel studying at Murdoch University

My ambition brought me from Africa to Australia

Emmanuel Nene Dei, Master of Health Administration, Policy and Leadership

A little about me

My name is Emmanuel Nene Dei, a married Ghanaian with one daughter.

I came to Murdoch University in January 2019 as a recipient of the Australia Award Africa Scholarship. Prior to coming to Australia, I was working in research, planning and data management for the National Blood Service of Ghana. I have an undergraduate degree in Chemistry from a university in Ghana, and a Graduate Diploma in Project Design and Management from a school in the United Kingdom.

My main career interest is in digital healthcare and the application of technology in service delivery. I’m at Murdoch studying a Master of Health Administration, Policy and Leadership, which will further this goal.

Why I moved to Perth for a postgraduate health course

Murdoch was the only university in Australia that had all my aspirations and interests rolled up in one course. I found the health leadership aspect in particular very attractive and inspiring because I want to be a global citizen leading change in any field I work in, but especially the health sector.

My vision for healthcare management

After I graduate, I’d like the opportunity to work in a multinational organisation that uses digital health to improve the lives of patients. For example, Google Health and Microsoft for Healthcare. I would also love to start a private venture to promote the use of technology, like mobile and web applications to improve public health outcomes for people in Ghana and greater Africa.

Mentors make a difference

There are many academics and staff who supported me in my journey. Lecturers like Dr Ilan Zagoria, Associate Lecturer Language and Literacy, who helped me to kick start my learning journey on the right foot; Professor Lyn Karstadt, former Deputy Vice Chancellor – International, who exposed me to other learning opportunities outside Australia; and Julie Whitlock, Associate Director Digital Innovations, who took time out of her busy schedule to help me develop a business idea I had in mind.

Initially, I thought it will be difficult to interact with lecturers and academic staff but the warm and welcoming ambiance at Murdoch made me feel comfortable to be myself.

My achievements

My greatest achievement so far would be my selection as an International Student Ambassador for StudyPerth which gave me the chance to network and meet key people, including the Governor of Western Australia.

It was through this role I met Professor Karstadt, who offered me the opportunity to attend the Commonwealth Futures Workshop at O P Jindal Global University in India. Here I exchanged knowledge with student leaders from more than 15 countries, and I enlightened myself about social cohesion and the role students play in promoting it.

At Murdoch, I also have two roles helping fellow students: International Peer Leader in the ELAS program, and as a Peer Academic Coach.

My experience at Murdoch University made me realise my strengths and passion in life.

Transforming my thinking

My time at Murdoch has changed me. My critical and analytical thinking skills have been sharpened, and I have learned to approach problems and challenges with a scientific and evidence-based mindset.

I know the knowledge, skills and experience I have acquired from my time here (and during my career so far) will make a difference in my world. Perhaps even the whole world.

What I’ve learned being at Murdoch

Something I’ve learned at Murdoch, is that every single person has the potential to excel beyond their current abilities if they are willing to learn and they receive the right support. We need to encourage people and give them the opportunity to prove themselves. Also remember that every individual’s viewpoint is important, and no one should be sidelined. We might be diverse in our thoughts, but it is in this diversity that we will find our strength.

Students won’t regret coming to Murdoch. It’s the right environment to propel them into the future they deserve.