Megan sitting in the esports hub with a notepad

I'm a postgraduate studying gaming

Megan Pusey, PhD (Information Technology/Education)

My academic life

I was a high school science teacher, but I returned to Murdoch because I'm interested in learning more about research and exploring unknown things. I'm studying a PhD in Education and I'm currently investigating whether we can build resilience through computer games.

I can't get enough of games

As you can tell from my PhD area, I'm passionate about STEM and education. I love playing all sorts of games: video games, board games, card games – any game really! I'm creative and enjoy crafting and making things. I regularly make costumes and cosplay at conventions, and I have previously volunteered with Perth Allied Costumers to attend kids' charity events, for example the Christmas Pageant and Starlight Christmas Party, in costume.

At my core, I just love learning new things.

Why I chose to study at Murdoch

For my Graduate Diploma in Teaching, my first degree at Murdoch, it was because it was the only university offering the coursework externally. I was living overseas at the time, and the flexibility helped me complete my degree in a timely manner.

For my PhD, I chose to study at Murdoch because of the supervisors, Kevin Wong and Natasha Rappa. My supervisors are interested in similar research topics to me, and both have been amazingly supportive throughout the whole process.

I like making connections between different spaces that may not traditionally be seen as being connected; for example, video games and learning.

How I work

I have my own computer and desk in an office I share with another PhD student. I have recently been using Murdoch's new esports Gaming Hub to collect data for my research. Unfortunately, COVID interrupted my original data collection plan, which involved working with community libraries and community centres.

What I plan to do after I graduate

I’m not sure exactly, but I feel like I'm already on the right path. I want to continue doing something that combines my two loves of teaching and video games.

How I'd describe my way of thinking

I like making connections between different spaces which may not traditionally be seen as being connected; for example, video games and learning.

Lately, I've been challenging myself to approach problems and tasks that don't have clear solutions. I enjoy trying things out, failing, learning from that failure, and trying again. Seeing my improvement over time has been really satisfying.

My greatest achievements

Something I'm proud of is publishing two peer-reviewed journal papers during my PhD and seeing those papers cited by other researchers. It has been a challenge but seeing the end product, and knowing other people are finding it useful, is really satisfying.