Georgia Earnshaw at MyMurdoch Advice

Getting my career going before graduation

Georgia Earnshaw, 20, Bachelor of Communication + Bachelor of Creative Media (combined)

A little about me

I’m going into my third year of study at Murdoch and I love my course! I’m doing a combined degree, Communication and Creative Media majoring in Graphic Design and Strategic Communication.

I come from a small country town called Williams. It’s about two hours from Perth, so to pursue higher education I had to relocate from a farm to the city. It was a big change, and although it took me a while to adjust to city life, I’m settled in and enjoying living here more than I thought I would.

I currently have four part-time/casual jobs, and have also started a little graphic design and communication business, from which I get freelance work. Having a flexible university timetable allows me to fit my jobs it amongst my course.

My high school experience

I honestly really liked high school. I went to a country public school, Narrogin Senior High School, and had a great experience there. Going to a somewhat disadvantaged high school and succeeding, proved to me that no matter which school you attend, you can achieve great things if you work hard.

Why I chose Murdoch and my course

When I was in high school, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to study. All I knew is that I wanted to pursue higher education at university. I chose my combined degree at the last minute when I was filling out my application form, and it turns out what I chose is what I love studying! My biggest advice would be to choose a course that you think you will be passionate about – it is the only way that you are going to love what you study.

I chose Murdoch because I wanted to go to a university that would give me plenty of practical experience. I was also drawn to the passion of the tutors. I immediately loved the campus because it feels homely to me. I’m used to open space from growing up on a farm, so Murdoch’s atmosphere just felt right to me.

Murdoch has given me the freedom to articulate my own ideas, which has helped me be more confident in my creative decisions.

Being creative while studying externally

Self-care and self-preservation is important at the moment so I have been trying to spend time doing what I enjoy. Whether it’s being creative by writing or creating illustrations, or just going for a little walk to practice mindfulness, I make sure to take study breaks to do these things. I also enjoy taking five minutes to go outside and walk barefoot on the grass in my backyard. It’s a simple process but it seems to ground and relax me.

Studying online has made me more grateful for my relationships with my tutors and peers. It made me realise that when on campus, my tutors really inspire me, and encourage me to create amazing things. They are incredibly passionate about what they do, which motivates me to work harder. While I still worked well by studying online, the experience made me realise how important face-to-face interactions with my tutors and peers is, especially in a creative field where collaboration is essential.

Where I see my career going

I want to combine graphic design and communication to either help those starting business to develop brand identities, and create long-term communication plans. I am also interesting in creating campaigns for to increase awareness of particular companies or even for health promotion.

I hope that at the end of my course I’ll get an amazing job working for a company in either public relations or graphic design, but hopefully both combined!

Grateful for practical experience

During my degree, I have had the opportunity to work for a rage of different clients. Murdoch University is great at providing real experiences though sourcing real clients. I have had experience in both graphic design and communication. In graphic design, I created a brand identity for a client who had just started a business. This was a great experience because we meet our clients face-to-face, to ensure we would get the most out of the project and that we would create work that was of industry standard.

I’ve also had experience creating a communication plans for organisations to help them gain more exposure. The CEO of each organisation came into university, as we, in groups had to pitch our communication strategies. The group work in this project was great in learning how to collaborate with others.

I’ve been impressed with my course so far, and I do recommend it to those thinking of studying a graphic design degree or other creative arts and communication degree.