Murdoch student Cassie studying from home

Cassie Power

21 | Theatre and Drama + Screen Production

A little bit about me

I’m down to earth with a passion for theatre. You might think these two things don’t go together, and I don’t blame you. Theatre people are stereotypically over-the-top people with the enthusiasm of a wild monkey; and earthy people are stereotypically reserved, tree huggers. I think I fill both of those definitions!

My happy time is when I’m cooking and baking. I like making costumes, and I often make my own costumes for the shows I’m in.

How I would describe my way of thinking

I’m a very creative person, and I’m a ‘picture person’. I’m dyslexic, so I don’t see words in the same way other people see words or sentences. I learn predominantly through pictures and through memory.

If Murdoch has taught me anything, it has taught me to think more critically about the world. I have learnt to trust myself and trust my instincts. In terms of how it’s helped me to develop my thinking, I feel more confident as a young woman and where I want to be in this world.

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How I knew I wanted to study theatre, drama and screen production

I have had a love for theatre since I was five, where I sold raffle tickets for my local theatre troop. Since then, I’ve had a vision of being a theatre maker who uses performance as a tool to get environmental messages out to the world.

I knew for sure I wanted to go to university, but I was homeschooled and did not have an ATAR score. I looked at so many different alternative pathways when finally I stumbled across OnTrack at Murdoch.

What I've learned about studying externally

I'm a very social person who loves to interact with people on a one-to-one basis. However, since learning form home I have come to appreciate my own space and inner peace. When I need to take a break from study I garden, exercise (either running, swimming or yoga), play my ukulele or draw. I also like to call my parents while I bake study snacks! 

My partner, James, is also at Murdoch doing his honours in psychology, so when I feel like a chat I get great insight into the world of science from him.

Murdoch felt so inclusive to me on day one. I knew this was where I wanted to be.

Why I love Murdoch

The connections I’ve made are one of the best things about Murdoch. I’ve made some great industry connections which I’m so grateful for, but I’ve also made really valuable one-on-one connections with lecturers, tutors and other students. It’s really added an extra level of depth to what I’ve been able to achieve.

I’ve also fallen even more in love with the campus. Sometimes when I need a break from studying I’ll just go for a walk around campus. Sometimes I’ll even study as I walk!

My favourite places are the Chinese Gardens, and an old amphitheatre at the very back of the campus. It’s fenced off now but I look through the fence and imagine what it was like to perform in the amphitheatre. It just has this essence about it, I think it’s magical.

My proudest achievement

One of my proudest achievements was when I won an award for being a high achieving student throughout OnTrack and first year uni. My dad is a Murdoch alumnus, he is my drive to do better. My mum is my inspiration. I am so grateful I got the privilege to be there at the awards ceremony, and it was wonderful to have them by my side.