A little bit about me

I love coffee, chocolate, the beach/outdoors and literally everything about health and fitness.

I’ve always been super inquisitive and curious. I’ve never been content with knowing that stuff just happens, I’ve always sought to find out the ‘how’ and ‘why’ it does.

How I would describe my way of thinking

I have a very analytical and mechanical way of thinking. I’m curious, and I love a good ponder every now and then, but if the topic’s theoretical, I definitely have to find or develop an explanation. I’m not a fan of answering a question with another question.

I think that’s why I do well in chiro, it’s a very mechanical thing to study. At the end of the day, anatomy is about levers and pulleys, that’s why I love it.

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How I knew I wanted to study chiropractic science

I grew up in a large-ish family (four brothers and sisters) and was home-schooled throughout high school and most of primary. I grew up wanting to take up a trade, because that’s what my parents did. They never went into higher education.

I finished school in Year 10 and was going down that route, but I started getting into fitness and working in the industry. I realised I loved health, and I love anatomy and physiology so I started looking into degrees in that area.

I started studying exercise science at another university, but my older brother was studying chiro at Murdoch and loved it. Based on the great things he had to say, I decided to give it a try. Through getting in and doing it, I realised how passionate I am about it. I absolutely love it!

Why I chose Murdoch

Obviously my brother was an influence, but also Murdoch is the only uni in Perth that offers chiropractic. It just so happened to be that Murdoch is actually an awesome uni to study at. I can’t imagine myself anywhere else.

I’m really proud of the fact that I’ve found what I love, not a lot of people can say that at my age.

Why I love Murdoch

I like everything about studying at Murdoch. From the people, to the campus, to the people again! In chiro especially, I’ve got a little family. The year cohorts are really close, there’s about 90 of us and we all know each other, we hang out and do social things outside of uni all the time.

On top of that the teaching staff at Murdoch are really personal. You’re not a number here – and I know that’s always said – but you’re really not a number here and my experience at other universities is that you are. I’m performing better in chiro than I ever did at my old uni, and it’s not just mental skill, it’s the fact that I really love it. I’m studying anatomy even on my days off, it’s become fun for me. That has a lot to do with the teachers here.

My proudest achievement

I’m really proud of the fact that I’ve found what I love, not a lot of people can say that at my age.

Academically, my greatest achievement was from the semester before last when I scored a high distinction for all of my units. I’ve been able to keep an average high distinction grade throughout the duration of my course, and I’m proud of that too.