Yash sitting on laptop

A freethinking engineer

Yash Sheth, Master of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Engineering

A little about me

I’m from India, and I’m a postgraduate student at Murdoch doing a Master of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Engineering. I started this course in 2018, after doing my Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in 2017 in India.

From a very young age, I have been interested in subjects like physics and mathematics. While I was in the final year of my undergraduate degree, I studied units like renewable energy engineering, and energy conservation and management. I came to understand the need and importance of renewable energy sources.

In my personal life, I’m fond of dancing and writing. In 2018, I published my first book 7 Commitments I Made to Myself, through Blue Rose Publishers, India.

Why I chose Murdoch

Choosing the right university to pursue your dream degree is always a difficult task. My search for a university to pursue my master’s in the renewable energy field came to an end when I found Murdoch University.

The campus itself is beautiful to experience, surrounded by nature and vegetation, which allows us to study with a relaxed mind and away from any disturbance.

What I like about my studies

I really like the course structure, and I love how we have access to various renewable energy and energy efficiency modelling software that is used in professional markets.

There is also lab work and field trips involved in the course, along with case studies from past renewable energy projects.

My experience with online learning

I never used to consider online studying a proper method of learning, but when I finally had a taste of it, I was surprised by how active online learning can be.

I am amazed by the technology which allows me to write notes on my student portal during a class, listen to online recordings of any topic again and again in my own time, and study at my own pace.

The online learning portal is very user-friendly and you can find daily lectures, assignments, task details and updates at your fingertips.

Choosing the right university to pursue your dream degree is always a difficult task. My search came to an end when I found Murdoch University.

Why I’d recommend Murdoch to others

I would recommend Murdoch University to others because it provides a high level of practical learning along with excellent on-campus facilities and services: a 24/7 library with computers; on-campus doctors and counsellors; multiple cuisine food courts; and a gym and sports centre.

The university organises different events and celebrates various festivals, which keeps us connected to our cultural roots and makes our stay fun and exciting.

How I embrace free thinking

I believe that in every problem we face there is an opportunity to grow, with optimistic thinking and a positive attitude. I plan to do work which benefits all human beings and nature.