How to submit a case: Veterinarians

If you are a veterinarian seeking to submit a case to our service, please use our referrals form.

Please be aware that biopsy and post-mortem examinations will not be performed without a completed submission form.

Tips for submission

Please ensure the submission is adequately labelled with all relevant patient details.

By submitting diagnostic specimens, referring veterinarians and their clients understand that such specimens will not be returned to them, unless a private (individual) cremation is requested.

If prior arrangements for the private/individual cremation have been made, the submitted specimens will not be released until the case is closed, i.e. the pathologist has sent the final report.

Storage of samples

Please store post-mortem cases refrigerated and not frozen, if possible, unless an extended period of storage is required for your particular sample (e.g. >48hrs).

Freezing will increase turn-around time and create serious tissue artefacts on gross examination and histopathology.

Pathology charges

Please be aware that all pathology charges are the responsibility of the referring veterinarian, i.e. TAHMU will invoice the referring veterinarian, not the owner.

Pathology charges are dependent on the type of case, e.g. routine versus legal. For further information, please contact the pathology department at

Clients have the option to choose either group or private cremation as detailed on the Anatomic Pathology submission form. It is possible to arrange for the remains to be collected for private cremation directly from TAHMU by the client’s chosen pet cremation service. Please note that private pet cremation service providers will charge the client, directly.