Pet owners: How to submit a case

If you have a referral letter from a veterinarian:

Please call Primary Care Reception at The Animal Hospital (Call 1300 652 494) to let reception staff know you will be coming to make a delivery for a post-mortem examination.

Once you arrive, please let reception staff know that you have come to make a delivery for a Post-Mortem Examination. Our staff will call the Pathology Technician who will meet you and accompany you to your car to accept your pet.

If you do NOT have a referral letter from a veterinarian:

Members of the public who do not have a regular or referring veterinarian, but who would like a post-mortem examination to be completed on their pet, can make an appointment with the Primary Care department weekdays 8am to 6pm or with the Emergency department after hours and on weekends. This will incur an appointment fee.

At the appointment, one of our veterinarians will take the medical history of your pet and collect all the information required to make a submission for post-mortem examination possible.

Please call the hospital on 1300 652 494 to make an appointment.

Pathology charges

Please be aware that all pathology services incur charges and that you, as the client submitting a case for post-mortem examination, are responsible for all charges associated with your pet’s examination.

If your pet is submitted through your referring veterinarian, The Animal Hospital charges your referring veterinarian for the pathology services rendered. Your referring veterinarian will then pass these costs on to you.

If your pet is submitted after a consultation with one of our Primary Care or Emergency veterinarians, then pathology charges are added to your client account at The Animal Hospital and we will invoice you for the services rendered, directly.

Pathology charges are dependent on the type of case, e.g. routine versus legal. You can discuss these charges with your referring veterinarian prior to making a submission for post-mortem examination.

You have the option to choose either group or private cremation. It is possible to arrange for your pet’s remains to be collected for private cremation directly from TAHMU by your chosen pet cremation service. Please note that private pet cremation service providers will charge you, directly.