Meet our Free Thinkers

To free your Think means finding new ways to fuel progress, to innovate, create and evolve. Because the only way to push the world forward is to push what we know.

Lucy reading her notes in a courtroom

Challenging fear to drive positive change

Fear of the unfamiliar is not always easy to accept. But rather than shying away and sticking to what’s comfortable, Lucy uses that fear to fuel her determination to drive positive change to the lives of others . Her perseverance to explore the unknown, regardless of failure, is what enables her to draw on what she has learnt from her studies in Security, Terrorism and Counter Terrorism and Criminology to try and make the world a more forgiving place.

Yannick looking at documents with a study partner

Making the most of new experiences

You never know what’s around the corner unless you just keep going. Yannik’s openness to embracing every opportunity available to him while studying Economics and International Business has enabled him to forge a future for himself before he’s even graduated. With an open mind and interest in others, he has learnt how to better connect with those around him and make a real difference.

Daniel working at a computer

Embracing creativity to push boundaries

Creativity can mean different things to different people. For Games Art and Design student Daniel, it means harnessing his skills and passion to bring to life some of his innermost visions. His fervour for games and aptitude for creative execution is helping him to step outside his comfort zone and forge the way for the future of creative thinkers.

Talitha looking at books in a bookshop

An unconventional path to success

You’d be surprised by what you can do once you ignore that sense of fear and self-doubt. Without having finished high school, Talitha has pushed forward to complete a PhD in Molecular Biology at Murdoch. Her story proves the importance of asking questions, challenging your boundaries and having faith in your own abilities.

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