Early offers are now open

Reduce that exam pressure by securing your place at Murdoch early. Apply online by 30 September 2019 and you could have your uni journey underway even before walking into your first WACE exam.

How to apply

Back yourself and secure your early conditional offer by:

  1. Making Murdoch your first TISC preference.
  2. Providing your year 12 mid-year report and predicted selection rank.
  3. Completing the below early offer form by 30 September 2019.

To be eligible

To be considered, you need to:

  • Meet the entry requirements for your chosen course, including minimum selection rank
  • Meet English Language Competency
  • Achieve your WACE

If you're attending a RISE school or live in a RISE postcode suburb, you can add 10 points to your ATAR to calculate your selection rank.

Check out the frequently asked questions below for more details, including which courses are excluded from the early offers program and information about selection rank.


Apply for an early offer


Frequently asked questions

Find answers to common questions.

  • When will I hear if I am successful in getting an early offer?

    If eligible, you'll receive an early offer via email within a week of applying. When results are released in December, we’ll check if you:

    • meet the required selection rank for your chosen course,
    • achieved WACE, and
    • meet the English Language Competency requirements for entry.

    If all requirements have been met, you'll receive an unconditional offer in the December round.


  • Am I eligible for an early offer?

    Early conditional offers are available to current Year 12 WACE students who are on a path to university and expect to meet entry requirements for their chosen course.

    If you’re completing an alternative secondary education program (e.g. home school), please contact us on 1300 687 3624 to discuss how you can qualify for an early offer.

  • Are any courses excluded?

    Veterinary Science is excluded from the early offer program.

    If you're selecting Nursing, please be aware that this is a competitive course so there may be a quota on places. Meeting minimum entry requirements for Nursing may not guarantee a place.

  • Can I change my preferred course after I receive my early offer?

    Yes. You can change your TISC first preference for another Murdoch course with the same or lower selection rank requirement. If you change your course to one requiring a higher selection rank, then you’ll need to re-apply for an early offer.

  • Do I still have to apply on TISC?

    Yes. You need to complete your TISC application and list your chosen Murdoch course as your first preference. Your TISC ID is required when you apply for a Murdoch early offer.

  • What if I receive an early offer, but don’t get my predicted selection rank?

    We recommend considering pathway courses and enabling programs as lower preferences on your TISC application, just in case things don’t go to plan.

    If you don't meet the entry requirements for your chosen course, don’t panic! Call us on 1300 687 3624 to discuss your options – we’re here to help.

  • How do I know what my selection rank is?
    • A selection rank of 70 includes an unadjusted or adjusted ATAR of 70, IB score of 24, an AQF Cert IV from a recognised training provider, or a successfully completed enabling course.
    • A selection rank of 80 includes an unadjusted or adjusted ATAR of 80, IB score of 27, or an AQF Diploma from a recognised training provider. A selection rank of 80+ is required for early offers into Engineering programs.
    • A selection rank of 90 includes an unadjusted or adjusted ATAR of 90, or an IB score of 33. A selection rank of 90+ is required for early offers into Law programs.
  • What if I receive an early offer, but don’t meet English Language Competency (ELC)?

    If you’re an ATAR student and do not achieve a scaled score of 50 or higher in ATAR English or equivalent (EALD ATAR, or ATAR Literature) you will be automatically invited by TISC to sit the STAT Written section. The invitation to sit STAT is made using the University Admission Advice Letter (UAAL) when main round offers are released by TISC in December.

    If you’re not studying an ATAR English, contact us about how you can meet ELC prior to the December round of offers. You’ll still be eligible to receive an early offer in the interim.

  • What if I get an early offer, but my final selection rank is higher than I expected?

    That’s totally fine. Congratulations!

    If this changes which course you’d like to enter, then simply change the order of your preferences on TISC, putting your new preferred Murdoch course first. We suggest leaving the course for which you received an early offer in your preferences.

    If you’re an ATAR student and achieve an unadjusted ATAR or 80 or higher, you may be eligible for $2,000 via our Murdoch First Scholarship. Students with unadjusted ATARs of 90 or higher may be eligible for $3,000 (excluding Veterinary Science).

  • If I’m eligible for RISE, do I include the adjustment in my predicted selection rank?

    Yes. The RISE adjustment allows 10 points to be added to your ATAR score if you attain an ATAR of 60 or higher (capped at 90). The adjustment may see you qualify for entry, or for courses with higher selection rank requirements. Our admissions team will double check that you’re eligible for the adjustment prior to sending an early offer.

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