Energy and the Environment

Graduate Diploma in Energy and the Environment

Significant changes to global climate change policy and evolving social perceptions and expectations has led to a shift to a broader range of adaption and mitigation practices to counter climate change. This is driving a demand for professionals with climate change skills across the Asia Pacific region and in Australia.

Choose to specialise in Climate Change Management or Energy, Emissions and Environment as part of your course. The Climate Change Management specialisation will give you advanced training in climate change adaption and strategy, carbon policy, accounting and management as well as sustainability. The Energy, Emissions and Environment specialisation is specifically targeted at addressing ongoing demand for sustainable energy and the need for environmental management of energy projects.

You can complete the course with a focus on policy and/or the scientific aspects of environmental management in the energy industry.

What you'll learn

  • Advanced knowledge in the impact of climate change on economic sectors and ecosystems to provide depth in understanding of approaches that can assist to meet the challenges posed by climate change.
  • Advanced knowledge about holistic approaches to sustainable energy development, the role of renewable energy technologies, the assessment of the environmental impacts associated with energy systems, and the management of those impacts.
  • Technical skills to use downscaling climate modelling tools to predict climate change impacts on different economic sectors.
  • Technical skills in spatial data analysis using graphical information systems (GIS) and remote sensing for the purposes of environmental management and planning.
  • Cognitive skills to think critically and creatively to design options for mitigating or adapting to climate change.
  • Cognitive skills in collecting, analysing, interpreting and reporting data from environmental monitoring programs and identifying and providing solutions to environmental concerns.
  • Communication skills to explain the predicted global and regional climate changes due to human induced global warming and their predicted impacts to a variety of audiences and discuss how to develop more climate resilient, decarbonised communities.
  • Communication skills to explain environmental decision-making for the purpose of public engagement with relation to environmental assessment and management.

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This Murdoch University course is offered online through our partner, Open Universities Australia (OUA). For more information about the course and admissions, please visit the OUA website.