Games Design and Development

Bachelor of Information Technology in Games Design and Development

Games Design and Development prepares and provides you with a thorough understanding of the theory of games software design, games art, software development and processes involved in the production of computer, mobile and video games. Some of the required topics include games software design, games art, games mechanics, games software development and production and interaction design. You will gain practical experience in the games design, programming and development processes using various development tools.

What you'll learn

  • A broad and coherent knowledge and understanding of the underlying principles and core concepts of Information Technology.
  • The core multi‐disciplinary domains, technologies, methodologies, tools and environments to create games.
  • How to identify, interpret and analyse stakeholder needs, establish priorities and the goals, constraints and uncertainties of the system.
  • Design, develop, use and improve systems as well as tools for solving problems employing a systematic approach that involves appropriate analytical and technical methods.
  • Test, document and maintain software solutions in accordance with agreed standards to meet specified requirements.
  • Problem‐solving, design and decision‐making methodologies to develop components, systems, relevant infrastructure and processes to meet specified requirements.

Find out more

This Murdoch University course is offered online through our partner, Open Universities Australia (OUA). For more information about the course and admissions, please visit the OUA website.