Community Development

Bachelor of Arts in Community Development

Working with community is often complex and demands sophisticated skills and ‘artfulness’. Often, we need to balance a clear head, soft heart, kindness, emotional and social maturity and ethical strength. Although many think that working with community comes naturally there is much to learn and good practitioners are in great demand. Success comes to those who possess a combination of wisdom, high-end knowledge of relationships, considerable diplomacy, tenderness and ‘smarts’

This degree takes you to ‘living’ examples of community development, introduces you to other people’s ideas about what works and has you thinking and talking about what you see and read. The Community Development major gives you the chance to undertake an internship in a community-based setting, and encourages you to extend your repertoire and build your imagination for how things could be different for communities around the globe.

This course is ideal for people seeking to work with community in a range of settings including local government, not-for-profit organisations, Aboriginal Community, community arts centres, social service organisations, and the resources sector.

What you'll learn

  • Demonstrate substantive knowledge of the history, scope and diversity of community development literature, policy and practice.
  • Formulate clear and persuasive written and spoken communication for community and professional audiences using a range of appropriate styles and formats.
  • Develop and manage projects of increasing complexity that respond to the needs of community groups, working both independently and collaboratively.
  • Recognise and demonstrate knowledge of practices used to build projects that propose solutions that confront communities.
  • Apply a range of disciplinary approaches and social skills that are used in work in cross-cultural and diverse communities.

Find out more

This Murdoch University course is offered online through our partner, Open Universities Australia (OUA). For more information about the course and admissions, please visit the OUA website.