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Mannkal Leadership Development Programs

The Mannkal Leadership Development Program (LDP) is a world-renowned professional development program for university students across Western Australia.

Students studying any degree are welcome to apply. Ideally suited for second year and beyond students, however first year students will be considered.

There are two Leadership Development programs opportunities:

The Foundational Program (6 months)
For students keen to develop a well-rounded understanding of Australian contemporary issues. Over the course of the program, students will develop a keen appreciation of individual liberty and responsibility, limited government and free market economics. This Foundational Program is valued up to $12,500.

The Advanced Program (12 months)
For students with an interest in public policy and economic issues facing Australia. Administered over the course of a full year, the program combines seminars, professional development and travel opportunities to increase career options to set program participants up for success. Throughout the duration of the course, students will study individual liberty and responsibility, limited government and free market economics. The Advanced Program is valued up to $25,000.

For more information about the Mannkal Leadership Development Programs, please visit Mannkal's website.

Mannkal Foundation
No. of Scholarships:
Duration of Award:
1 Semester
Level of study:
  • Undergraduate
  • Honours
  • Postgraduate
Semester Availability:
  • Semester 1
  • Semester 2
Study Area:
  • Business
  • Creative Arts and Communication
  • Engineering
  • Health
  • Science
  • Social and Cultural Studies
  • Teaching
  • Technology
  • Law and Criminology


To be eligible for enrolment in the LDP, you must:

  • Currently be enrolled as an undergraduate or postgraduate student (part-time or full-time) at a Western Australian university;
  • Hold either Australian citizenship or permanent residency*;
  • Be based in Western Australia.

*International students are unfortunately not eligible; in very rare circumstances, an exception may be made. However, international students are very welcome to attend our seminars and events.

Above all, the Mannkal Economic Education Foundation values entrepreneurship and enthusiasm for a free and open society. Students from across all faculties, departments and backgrounds are considered. Course marks are one consideration, but this should not exclude students who have made contributions in other areas. Aspects of the LDP benefit from a formal study of economics and public policy, but a keen interest and awareness of the philosophical concepts behind these subjects is more important.

How to Apply

Please go to the Mannkal Scholarship program website for details on how to apply

Payment Method

Subject to the ongoing acceptance and compliance with the terms and conditions of the scholarship, payment will be made in the following instaments:

In week 7 or 8 of the semester or prior to the commencement of your study tour.