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Case Studies

We are using Indigenous research methods and Aboriginal lenses, blending these with quantitative and qualitative approaches, to ensure our research is culturally led, safe, meaningful and translatable to policy and practice.

Baby Coming You Ready?

Perinatal mental health issues such as depression and anxiety can result in detrimental impacts on pregnancy and postnatal periods. After recognising that current techniques for monitoring Aboriginal women’s social and emotional wellbeing in pregnancy were not culturally sensitive, ‘Baby Coming You Ready?’ was developed. This innovative technology based screening tool has been designed by and with Aboriginal community members to assist young parents during pregnancy and their child's first year.

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Birthing on Noongar Boodjar

Australian maternity care systems have not adequately considered the foundations required to nourish healthy futures for Aboriginal families. These systems have not been designed to provide the best start in life for Aboriginal children, which has resulted in well documented unequal life course health outcomes experienced by Aboriginal people.

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