Understanding forces shaping the contemporary Asian region

The Asia Research Centre is a leading international authority on politics, governance and social change in the contemporary Asian region. Our research examines the social, political, historical, environmental and economic forces and developments shaping our near neighbours, and how these influence Australia’s engagement in the region.

We analyse conflicts from the national to the international level, across the dimensions of politics, economics, environmental resources, ethnicity, religion, and culture. Understanding the causes and consequences of conflict underpins the effectiveness of Australia’s public and private policymakers across the region. Given the unprecedented population growth across Asia, policies that will ensure healthy, sustainable and equitable societies are a particular focus.

To explore our history of research and impact in these areas look at our latest annual report or for the long-term view our celebration of our first 20 years of Asia Research Centre achievements. Our current research is clustered into four major areas of challenge and change in the contemporary Asian region:

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