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Technology and Facilities

Our state-of the-art technologies and location next to one of the most advanced hospital precincts positions us to deliver revolutionary research.


We have some of the most advanced research technology in the world

At the core of this is the Australian National Phenome Centre, which has the largest collection of mass spectrometers in the Southern Hemisphere, combined with nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and advanced data modelling capabilities.

We also have the most powerful genomics testing capacity in Western Australia and the largest automation laboratory in health research in Australia, with automation units that can handle thousands of samples at once with a high degree of fidelity at our Genomics Core Research Facility.

These facilities are located next to one of the most technologically advanced private and publicly-funded hospital precincts in the southern hemisphere.


Our technologies

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Mass spectrometry

State-of the-art Bruker mass spectrometers allow us to unravel the complex interactions between genes, the environment and lifestyle factors.

Australian National Phenome Centre

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Gene sequencing

Our NovaSeq 6000 and automation units can handle thousands of samples at once with a high degree of fidelity.

Genomics Core Research Facility

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Advanced data modelling

Cutting edge analytical chemistry, data science and data visualisation allow us to identify the unique metabolic ‘signatures’ of biological samples.

Centre for Computational and Systems Medicine


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