Harry Butler Institute

Our Centres

The Harry Butler Institute is turning research into real-life impact via our multidisciplinary, tech-focussed research centres.


Centre for Biosecurity and One Health

Comprises research across themes including One Health, antimicrobial resistance, biosecurity of environmental and production systems, vector and water borne diseases, epidemiology, food safety and zoonotic diseases.

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Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Ecosystems

Efforts to ensure healthy and productive freshwater, estuarine, and marine ecosystems that support diverse societies within Australia are centralised within the Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Ecosystems.

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Centre for Terrestrial Ecosystem Science and Sustainability

The Centre comprises a multidisciplinary team who are fighting for life on this planet. We need to be informed and proactive to ensure that our actions advance knowledge and protect precious biodiversity resources.

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Centre for Water, Energy & Waste

Supplies of water and energy, as well as the management of waste, are fundamental to modern life. The Centre for Water, Energy and Waste focuses on research that supports these vital services while ensuring that their impact on biodiversity is minimised.

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