Food Futures Institute

Case Studies

Our research makes a real difference ‘in the field’, because that’s where we do most of it.


Working with sheep producers to improve lamb survival

Murdoch researchers have developed best practice management guidelines for breeding ewes that collectively improve the survival of lambs by ten to twenty percent.

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Hardy new legume cultivar unlocks unproductive land

Vast tracts of unproductive land in the eastern Wheatbelt could be unlocked for farming with the development of a tough new legume cultivar.

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Precision approach boosts meat industry

Australian abattoirs are adopting new technology developed by Murdoch researchers that accurately measures carcase lean meat yield, driving significant benefits right through the supply chain.

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Transforming Christmas Island

Murdoch researchers have been working with Christmas Island Phosphates and the Commonwealth Government to turn ex-mine sites on Christmas Island into new food production, research and education opportunities.

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Making barley the world’s ‘super grain’

Murdoch researchers are leading the world in their quest to make a better barley grain. What they’ve discovered is delivering sustainable agriculture and superior beer.

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Banking critical soil bacteria for sustainable farming

Murdoch’s International Legume Inoculant Genebank is preserving national and international rhizobial collections to benefit inoculant manufacturers, researchers and growers.

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