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The ANPC brings together some of the world's leading minds in metabolic phenotyping and data analysis.


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Our team draws on decades of research and academic experience to harness the full potential of our state of the art technology platforms in addressing the world's greatest health challenges.

Professor Jeremy Nicholson

An internationally renowned pioneer in metabolic phenotyping and systems medicine, Professor Nicholson leads the Australian National Phenome Centre. He is a Highly Cited Scholar who has published more than 600 peer-reviewed papers on molecular aspects of body systems medicine and also holds the appointment of Pro Vice Chancellor for the Health Futures Institute at Murdoch University.

Professor Elaine Holmes

Professor Holmes is Director of the Centre for Computational and Systems Medicine and Deputy Director of the ANPC. As the Western Australian Premier’s Fellow for Phenomics, Professor Holmes pioneers computational approaches to biomarker discovery by integrating multi-modal data associated with gene-environment interactions.

Dr Ruey Leng Loo

Dr Loo is the Premier’s Early to Mid-Career Fellow. A qualified pharmacist and emerging research leader, she is spearheading research in personalised nutrition to deliver a new knowledge of dietary influence on human metabolism and the microbiome.

Dr Torben Kimhofer

Dr Kimhofer is Senior Lecturer at the ANPC and specializes in bioinformatics and chemoinformatics. A data enthusiast, he is an expert in the use of multivariate statistics, pattern recognition and machine learning approaches; his research interests are in metabolic phenotyping of microbiomic interactions in autism spectrum disorders.

Dr Luke Whiley

Dr Whiley is Senior Lecturer at the ANPC who is a domain leader in the application of mass spectrometry for metabolic phenotyping. Jointly appointed by the Perron Institute, Dr Whiley’s work is focused on how genetics and lifestyle interactions influence the development of dementia and the maintenance of cognitive health throughout ageing.

Dr Nicola Gray

Dr Gray is Senior Lecturer at the ANPC focused on mass spectrometry based metabolic phenotyping. Dr Gray’s areas of specialization are diabetes and obesity, where she studies the influence of lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise on health and disease, and the role of the microbiome.

Dr Samantha Lodge

Dr Lodge is the ANPC NMR Manager, with extensive experience in the application of NMR for metabolic phenotyping. Dr Lodge oversees the interpretation of clinical NMR data and results, and the continuous refinement of the ANPC’s NMR analytical and data pipelines.

Dr Sze How Bong

Dr Bong has worked across a large section of the health sciences sector, encompassing molecular biology and parasitology research, animal health, diagnostics, chemical testing, metabolomics and intellectual property commercialisation. As the Senior Operations Manager, Dr Bong has carriage of facility and technical operations of the ANPC.

Dr Sung-Tong Chin

Dr Chin recently joined the ANPC as a Mass Spectrometry Specialist. His background is in the development of novel methods for metabolic biomarkers for food authenticity and early cancer detection.

Dr Melvin Gay

Dr Gay is a Life Sciences Mass Spectrometry Applications Scientist embedded at the ANPC from Bruker, with over 10-years experience in mass spectrometry techniques and method development.

Dr Aude-Claire Morillon

Dr Morillon recently joined the ANPC as Mass Spectrometry Specialist. She has experience in clinical metabolomics research and a background in structural biochemistry, proteomics and metabolomics.

Associate Professor Berin Boughton

Associate Professor Boughton is the Magnetic Resonance Mass Spectrometry lead with a focus on developing Ultra-High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry and Mass Spectrometry Imaging. He has a background in organic chemistry, metabolomics and has been instrumental in introducing the field of Spatial Metabolomics using MSI approaches to Australia.

Dr Philipp Nitschke

Dr Nitschke recently joined the ANPC as an NMR Specialist with a background in organic and medicinal chemistry. He specialises in NMR method development and structural elucidation.

Dr RongChang Yang

Dr Yang brings more than 20 years of experience in genomics research, working across crop improvement, food quality and safety, molecular virology, immunology, parasitology and microbiology in human and animal health. Dr Yang has published more than 100 peer-reviewed papers and is now developing new mass spectrometry techniques at the ANPC.

Dr Nathan Lawler

Dr Lawler recently joined the ANPC as a Mass Spectrometry Specialist and brings considerable experience in longitudinal research studies and data analytics. His primary research interests are applied human physiology and exercise performance, and the application of high-resolution mass spectrometry for metabolic phenotyping.

Professor Gary Frost

Professor Frost is Professor of Molecular Nutrition at the ANPC and is also the Head of Section for Nutrition Research at the Faculty of Medicine in Imperial College. Professor Frost brings academic leadership in the area of precision nutrition and will drive new research into the complex interactions and influences of diet on the human microbiome and health.

Professor Julien Wist

Professor Wist is Professor of Computational Spectroscopy at the ANPC. In addition to the establishment of new mathematical and statistical paradigms, Professor Wist will lead the construction of organised data architectures for storage, retrieval, processing and visualization, and the implementation of novel pipelines unique to metabolic phenotyping.


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