Cooperative Research Centre for Future Food Systems

The Australian National Phenome Centre is a key research partner in the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Future Food Systems. This CRC is driving innovation and growth in the agrifood sector by accelerating adoption of STEM technologies and cluster approaches to industry development, resilience and sustainability.


Areas of research

Precision nutrition, Dietetics, Food quality and provenance

Technology utilised

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Food Screener, Magnetic Resonance Mass Spectrometry Mass Spectrometry

Lead researchers

Professor Jeremy Nicholson


What is the need for this project?

There is a major opportunity and economic imperative for Australia to value-add to a far larger proportion of its agricultural production before export.

Doing so would deliver thriving regional and peri-urban centres that lead the world in the application of advanced food manufacturing, logistics and sustainability technology and the streamlined supply of healthy, trusted, customised products.


What research are we undertaking?

Researchers at the ANPC are using spectrometric technology to analyse the quality of what are perceived as ‘high value’ foods. This will deliver a new and comprehensive understanding of how the nutritional value of food can be mapped from the raw product through several different states, and whether this affects their level of value.

By mapping the chemical profile of high value foods, and analysing the changes which occur when you cook with them, freeze them or store them, we can ensure quality is maintained all the way through their ‘life span’ from growing to eating.


What are the key outcomes?

This CRC will provide Australia’s agrifood sector with the research and development it needs to modernise and transition from commodity production to the sustainable supply of trusted, flavourful and nutrition-oriented goods.

Together with Australia’s reputation for quality, safety and high regulatory standards, this will put participating regional food hubs in the box seat to cater to the emerging ‘targeted eating’ market for functional or fortified foods and ‘personalised’ foods designed to address specific nutrient needs and health concerns.


Other case studies

Australian National Phenome Centre