Free thinkers are curious, bold and courageous

They're people who challenge convention, but not for the sake of being contrary. They're not afraid to step away from the crowd and forge their own path. So if you're a free thinker, you'll be right at home here at Murdoch. 

Uncover where your thinking could take you

As a Murdoch student, you will hone your way of thinking to get ready for your career, enhance your learning experience and grow your industry networks.


Daniel’s thinking turns games into works of art

"My thinking helps me to think creatively to solve problems in study and at work; to think outside the box. By being encouraged to embrace my own way of thinking, I’m combining sound, the science of game design and the beauty of art to turn my ideas into captivating games."

Daniel, a Sound and Games Art and Design student


Lucy’s thinking is preparing her to battle social injustice

"Having my own ideas and thoughts is what makes me, me. Using my own way of thinking is challenging and it’s hard, but it’s more rewarding. It’s getting me ready for a career where I’ll need to be able think on my own feet and in the moment; one where I’ll need to be able to form my own opinions and judgements based on what I see and what I’ve learned. My way of thinking will continue to grow and adapt and my studies have prepared me for that."

Lucy, a Criminology and Security, Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies student


Sabreen’s thinking seeks a better future for all

"When I start my career, nobody else will think for me. My way of thinking is the very core of how I decide what my values are. And it’s pushing me to find a balance between human development and sustainable environment practices. It’s amazing to be part of a university community that fosters and encourages this."

Sabreen, an Environmental Management and Sustainability and International Aid and Development student, who is also participating in our Masterclass program