Why study humanities and social sciences at Murdoch?

Are you intrigued by how people live, and have lived? Or why certain cultures think and communicate the way they do?

If you’re fascinated by human behaviour and history, you could be suited to a degree in humanities and social sciences, which covers a range of topics including:

With a degree in humanities and social sciences, you’ll be able to drive positive change and impact in cultures around the world. Karis Erceg who studied International Aid and Development says the variety and quality of hands-on experiences Murdoch offers gives students a unique global perspective. 

"I was lucky enough to intern at Business Export Development Organisation (BEDO) in Bali, Sumatra Rainforest Organisation in Indonesia and Jaringan Ekowisata Desa in Bali and Yayasan LINI in Bali. I also had the opportunity to work as an Interim General Manager at Okeanos Vanuatu

"The hands-on experience was invaluable to my career and has shaped my approach and understanding to real-world issues."

Global reach

Murdoch has partner universities around the world meaning there are exciting opportunities to add global context to what you learn in the classroom, as part of an industry placement, internship or exchange program.

What’s more, you’ll have the chance to take advantage of our Asia Research Centre which specialises in the study of East and Southeast Asia. Opportunities available through the Centre include the chance to travel to Indonesia for a semester as part of the study Indonesia program, or complete a semester in one of our ten partner universities in Japan.

Build lifelong skills

Regardless of what technological changes the world might be witness to in coming years, businesses and government bodies will always be in need of people who understand humans, communities and societies.

Studying humanities and social sciences at Murdoch will give you the skills, insights and knowledge to think deeply about the past in order to create real, lasting change for the future.

Past graduates have gone on to investigate and author books about prisoners of war, been involved in disaster recovery efforts, and even become mayor.

If you're keen to find out how your thinking can make a difference to the way societies functions, check out our Humanities & Social Sciences courses, or join us at our Humanities and Social Sciences Open Night!

Posted on:

8 Mar 2021

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