What are the requirements for pre-law at Murdoch?

Interested in starting a career in law? Discover our pre-law intensive course.

What is pre-law?

Pre-law is an alternative admission pathway offered at Murdoch, created for potential students who have the intellectual capacity and diligence to succeed in the Bachelor of Laws, but do not qualify for standard entry into law at Murdoch.

Academic Chair of Law, Dr Steve Shaw champions pre-law as a way for people to show they have what it takes to succeed in the area of law.

“Pre-law is designed for mature age students and we welcome anyone who is not a fresh high school graduate.”

Designed for those who haven’t studied for more than 12 months, pre-law is an intensive course which supports students to enter a Bachelor of Laws at Murdoch, graduate, and commence work in the profession.

Find out more about pre-law requirements and eligibility.

The course allows students to know whether pursuing law is the right path for them.

“Pre-Law is a great option for those who aren’t quite sure if a law career is right for them. By the end of the six-week course you will have a basic understanding of law and whether or not it’s the type of career you want to pursue.”

Designed with flexibility in mind, the course offers a mix of on-campus classes and online learning. The course is offered after hours, allowing greater flexibility for those working full-time and part-time.

Find out why a course in pre-law might be right for you.

How can pre-law help you succeed?

According to Dr Shaw, pre-law is diagnostic, fast and certain.

“Because the course is intensive and challenging, we can tell if students are ready to undertake law or not ... if they have what it takes, we will offer them a place in the law program.”

During the six-week course students can expect to learn principles in the Australian Legal System and in substantiative law, particularly Law of Contract.

Students who study the pre-law course start their law degree with a big advantage. They’ll know what lecturers want to see and they’ll know how to navigate the university system.

“Law is about jumping through hoops, and in the pre-law course we help you work out what the hoops are and how to jump through them. I find pre-law students perform well in law and they start with an advantage over those who commence their law studies from scratch.”

Dr Shaw has been teaching pre-law for 16 years and has seen many of his students go on and achieve great things in their careers.

Posted on:

27 May 2021

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