Two reasons to study a Bachelor of Commerce

If you’re inquisitive, always thinking one step ahead and understand the power of data and knowledge, our new accelerated Commerce degree might be the course you’ve been looking for.

Here at Murdoch Business School, we’re reimagining the way we deliver business education to ensure when you graduate, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running and meet the needs of an evolving business landscape.

Our new Bachelor of Commerce can be completed in two years and provides graduates with a range of practical experiences that will give you a head start on your career – and your life.

At Murdoch we believe that learning can be done in many different ways. With our new Bachelor of Commerce, you will learn in a truly unique way, with course content exclusive to Murdoch.

Unlike many other universities where students juggle four units per semester and are often asked to shift their focus across a range of subjects, block learning allows you to focus on studying one subject at a time, allowing you the opportunity to fully absorb the subject, ask questions and think critically.

One block is four weeks long and is equal to one unit. Full-time students will take three blocks a trimester, in addition to one practical work-based unit, which will run across the course of the trimester. Some students in the past have gained work experience at Experlio, Podcasting Hub Australia and Roobix.

Head of Murdoch Business School, Antonia Girardi says, block learning is an exciting new way of learning in a supportive environment where you’ll get to know your lecturers and have the chance to work closely with other students.

"Students will focus on one subject at a time, working closely with lecturers and fellow students to explore everything that HR Management and Analytics or Professional Accounting have to offer.”

Start early to complete your degree in two years

Being able to accelerate your career means you could start earning an income a year before your friends. So that you can complete your degree sooner, our teaching year for the Bachelor of Commerce is split into three trimesters, allowing you to complete more units over the course of the year. Trimester one for the Bachelor of Commerce starts mid-January, however if you’d prefer a long summer break, you can defer and start in trimester two in early May.

Murdoch Business School graduate, Mojib Temuri says Block Learning and the intensive mode of delivery allowed him to be highly immersed in one subject at a time.

“The compact structure allows you to dive right in and focus on one unit at a time. It also allows you to explore all aspects of the topic, from the smallest detail right through to understanding theories and practices.” 

Life can be busy juggling work, life and study, which is why the Bachelor of Commerce has a set timetable with classes scheduled across three days per week, to help you manage your time. With a focus on flexibility, you can also opt to study full-time and complete your degree in two years, or you can choose to study part-time over four years or more. Either way, you graduate faster at Murdoch.  

Mojib Temuri said block learning provided him with the flexibility to manage his workload to suit his needs.

“The Business School is set up to offer flexible study options so that you can manage work, life and uni. Whilst studying I held a job as a freelancer, volunteered at the student guild and managed to gain practical experience through three different internships.”

Leverage your degree to become work-ready

Industry experts helped us design the new Bachelor of Commerce, which means it’s tailored so you can graduate with the skills needed to meet the needs of an evolving business landscape. To ensure you’re work-ready, you’ll complete a Professional Business Practice co-major that will give you opportunities to get to know yourself and map out your career, you will even work alongside some of our industry partners on real projects.

You’ll also gain exposure to real-life business problems using case studies and client projects in class, and you’ll have the chance to complete workplace internships with local and global organisations.  

Interested to see how you can accelerate your career? Find out more about studying our new Bachelor of Commerce.
Posted on:

14 Oct 2021

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