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Are you thinking of taking the next step in your career with a postgraduate course? Read how Murdoch alumnus Bhaumik Mevevala made the change from pharmaceutical marketing to health administration with a postgraduate degree.

With a range of postgraduate courses to suit your interests in areas across business, law, science, information technology and more, you can gain the skills you need to find your dream job specialising in a particular area of work, or making the move into a new field.

We caught up with Murdoch alumnus Bhaumik Mevavala to hear about his experience studying a Master of Health Administration, Policy and Leadership at Murdoch, before finding his dream job after graduation.

Bhaumik’s journey to a postgraduate degree at Murdoch

Originally from India, Bhaumik had a keen interest in health. Prior to commencing his postgraduate studies at Murdoch, he worked in pharmaceutical marketing as a business manager. He wanted to transition his career into a health administration role as he was passionate about healthcare, having worked in numerous jobs in the healthcare industry.

“I stumbled across the Master of Health Administration, Policy and Leadership course at Murdoch and I thought that this captured everything I wanted to learn including informatics and hardcore policy making.

“When I looked at the course structure and the options available, I thought this was the perfect course to help me transition from pharmaceutical marketing to health policy.”

A highlight while studying at Murdoch was the broad range of areas covered as part of the course, including policy, leadership, science and governance.

“This meant when it was time for me to specialise in an area, I knew what I was passionate about.”

Learning from the experts

Throughout his postgraduate studies, Bhaumik was impressed with the quality of teaching and the vast array of knowledge lecturers had.

Senior Lecturer Dr Ana Rita Sequeira taught Bhaumik throughout his postgraduate journey. With extensive experience in health leadership and policy, Dr Sequeira brings a wealth of knowledge to her classes, preparing students for when they graduate.

“The lecturers were amazing! They were engaging and always encouraged you to ask questions. I really loved listening to the industry presentation, I felt they equipped you with the knowledge needed to succeed,” says Bhaumik.

Exploring career pathways through work experience

The defining point for Bhaumik while studying was the hands-on experience he received in his final semester.

“For my capstone unit, I got to undertake an internship at the Department of Health for six months, working in an intern research position assisting the project manager in achieving health research outcomes.

“Completing work experience really helped me narrow down what I wanted to do after I graduated, and that was research.”

Upon graduating from his degree, Bhaumik started his job as a Clinical Trials Data Manager at St John of God Healthcare. A Clinical Trials Data Manager looks after all aspects of clinical data collection and dissemination and leads a team to ensure the clinical trial data is collected, validated, and completed as required for clinical protocols.

“Studying the Master of Health Administration, Policy and Leadership helped facilitate my transition from pharmaceutical marketing to health administration. It has presented me with many opportunities and experiences that have all led to me landing my dream job.”

Are you wanting a career change, or want to specialise further in your given area? Find a Murdoch postgraduate course to suit you.

Posted on:

12 May 2021

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