How work experience WIL set you apart

Having the chance to gain skills and confidence in a workplace relevant to your area of study is something that will make you stand out when it’s time to start job hunting and provide you with an immensely rewarding opportunity.

For Strategic Communication student, Millie Reynolds, an internship with RAC Arena through Murdoch’s Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program provided her with a unique opportunity to gain confidence and advance her technical web skills.

“The skills that I’m learning to do with the website are really applicable for when I graduate and try to enter the workforce.”

Murdoch students have access to the WIL program at the Arena, they are also preferred candidates for recruitment, and have priority access to the venue during events. This unique opportunity is all thanks to Murdoch’s partnership with RAC Arena.

Murdoch students have also secured employment after completing their placements. For HR and Marketing student Carissa Lewis, her internship opened the door to a range of roles at the Arena.

“After my internship I was lucky enough to secure some casual admin work and since then I have worked in four different roles. The internship bolstered my confidence beyond words and made me realise this is what I want to do."

The WIL program not only benefits Murdoch students, RAC Arena staff are also able to gain fresh perspectives and insights from students.

“The students definitely bring fresh ideas and a fresh approach to the task and contribute something that may not have been thought of,” says Olivia Dixon, HR Coordinator at RAC Arena.

It might feel like a lifetime away, but the real-world opportunities you gain at uni can make all the difference to your employability when you graduate. 

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