Connection through artworks at Murdoch's Boola Katitjin

Boola Katitjin will raise the bar when it comes to mindfulness and connection when it opens in early 2023.

Along with the building’s unique timber design that will bring the outdoors in, the walls, hallways, elevators and escalators of Boola Katiitjin will be used to display a range of audio, video and interactive artworks. These have been created by a range of budding and experienced artists and form an important part of the overall strategy for engagement and inclusivity.

The aim

To welcome, inspire and delight, while – hopefully – encouraging mindfulness and reflection about the surrounding environment. 

The artists

We recently caught up with some of the artists to get a sneak peek of their works in progress. Watch the video above.  

Some of the other artwork installations that will be featured within Boola Katitjin include: 

  • Daniel Crooks: Water Clocks 
  • Strange Harvest Productions, Till Death and Matt Sav: Stories of Murdoch 
  • Tessa Darcey / AKIOKA: Being, Belonging, Becoming 
  • Dr Rebecca Dagnall: The River 
  • Christian Thompson AO: Berceuse 
  • Wunderman Thompson: Success Wall 
  • Dr Rebecca Dagnall: The River 
  • Erin Coates: The Pact 
  • Pilar Mata DuPont: The Embrace 
  • Tarryn Gill & Pilar Mata Du Pont: Gymnasium 

We look forward to revealing more soon! 

Posted on:

13 Dec 2022

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