The Free Thinkers

Great things happen when you think for yourself

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The Free Thinkers

They don’t accept the status quo; they look at things differently; question; are curious; and most of all, aren’t afraid to step away from the crowd. We’re all born with our own unique way of thinking – our Think. It’s that initial spark of an idea that, when we get behind it and truly back ourselves, leads us on a journey to discover how free thinking really can change the world. Free thinking is the trigger to innovation and unless we continue to strive to innovate, how can we find new ways to progress and evolve?  

So join us as we celebrate the free thinkers who have previously walked the corridors of Murdoch, the ones who’re currently here achieving amazing things and the ones who’re yet to arrive.

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Latest Issue 27 Feb 2019

Finishing the familiar to start something new

Whether you’ve recently finished high school or you’ve just graduated from uni, stepping away from your familiar routine can be a little daunting.

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