Starting uni: advice from a current student

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Whether you’re a school leaver or a mature-aged student, starting uni can feel unfamiliar. Take some advice from fellow Murdoch student, Sarah, on how to start uni as a new student.

To feel confident and comfortable when you start, there are many things you can do to settle in as smoothly as possible and enjoy your time at Murdoch.

Make friends and get involved

Speaking to people in the same sessions as you during O-week can be a great way to make friends before semester even starts – but making conversation with people in your lectures and tutorials can be just as effective.

Consider joining Murdoch’s MentorMe program to meet with a student mentor once a week over coffee. The meetings are held in a small group setting, so this is a great way to meet others studying the same degree as you.

Joining a club or society is a great way to get involved in something that sparks your interest and is an easy way to meet like-minded individuals. Murdoch boasts an incredible number of clubs and teams, ranging from moot teams to netball teams, the chess club to the ‘Kahoot’ club.

Learn how to balance study

Staying on top of your studies will help prevent your work from piling up. If you commute to campus via public transport, try using that time to complete your required readings, or even start researching for an assignment.

Making the most of Murdoch’s social events can be a great way to take short breaks from studying. The Murdoch Guild organises a variety of events throughout the year, including yoga and mindfulness sessions, the Winter Festival, and the annual Guild Ball. Murdoch’s student clubs and societies also offer a range of social events throughout the year, including cocktail parties, camps, and competitions.

Get familiar with the campus 

Whether you’re planning to do some quiet study in the library, or you’re seeking a more group-orientated venue such as the meeting rooms in the base of the Student Hub, you are bound to find the perfect study spot for you.

With Café Kadj nestled in the Geoffrey Bolton library and Courtside located in the Student Hub, you’ll never have to wander far to find a coffee. The cheapest cuppas on campus, going for just $2 can be found at the Law Café.

Murdoch also has a range of cuisines and food outlets available including Italian, Chinese, gourmet burgers, and bubble tea housed in the Student Hub – not to mention the Pop-up Ref with a plethora of food trucks on rotation. There’s also the on-campus IGA where you can pick something up anything from snacks, lunch, or general store items. 

Find support

Murdoch offers an unparalleled range of support for both new and returning students.

For help with your studies, Murdoch offers PASS sessions (A.K.A. peer assisted study sessions) for many different units. These small group study sessions are run by a senior student on a weekly basis and have been shown to improve students’ results by an entire grade.

Alternatively, Peer Academic Coaches (PAC) can be found in the library several days a week. If you are looking for help with research, essay structure, referencing, or even time management, a drop-in session with a PAC can be a fantastic help.

The Murdoch Guild also offers a tutoring service.  Guild will pair you with a senior student, who will work with you on a one-on-one basis at a pace that suits you.

For advice and support with your course, the friendly staff at the myMurdoch Advice Locations are available to discuss your options with you. Murdoch also offers an on-campus Health Counselling Service to all students.

If you need assistance getting started at uni, drop in to a myMurdoch Advice hub to chat with a Student Advisor, or find out more about the student support services available to you.
Are you an international student? Check out all our support services to help you adjust to university life. 
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24 Feb 2020

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