VIDEO: Thinking outside the norm to create real change

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No matter where you are or where you've come from, you can do anything you set your mind to – especially when it comes to study. Without the worry of location or distance, would you take a chance to pursue the degree of your dreams?

Working as a registered nurse in Sydney, Genna is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts in International Aid and Development online through Murdoch University in Perth. Through flexible study options, she has had her previous study accounted for, tailored her units to her career interests, and studies online to a study load that suits her schedule.

What’s more, with this flexibility Genna has been able to focus her uni assignments on real-world scenarios, which has helped her to begin planning the construction of a hospital in Kenya. 

Going against the grain and thinking outside the norm takes courage and self-assurance. Explore how studying at Murdoch can help you find that confidence to help others. 

Posted on:

11 Sep 2018

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