How to find success without an ATAR

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What do free-thinkers Erin and Alexandra have in common?

They both qualified for university through admission pathways rather than direct entry.

Depending on your situation and what suits you best, there is more than one way to get into university. Murdoch provides a number of admissions pathways – find one that fits your thinking.

Get up to speed for your university journey 

What you learn outside of an educational institution is still vitally important to your overall success as a learner. If you didn't finish high school, you didn't get the ATAR you were hoping for or it's been a while since you studied, OnTrackFlexiTrack and OnTrack Sprint provide you with the opportunity to get up to speed and ready for university. 

Designed to prepare you for the demands of university study, OnTrack is completed on-campus over a semester, while FlexiTrack provides you the flexibility to complete the same course online at a pace that suits you. OnTrack Sprint is an intensive 4-week course over summer, that will help you qualify for uni if you’ve just missed out on a Selection Rank of 70.00.  

Upon successful completion of the OnTrack, OnTrack Sprint or FlexiTrack program you will be eligible for an offer to study any course at Murdoch that requires a Selection Rank of 70 or less.

Prior to studying a Bachelor of Communication in Public Relations and Journalism, Murdoch student Erin completed OnTrack: "OnTrack gave me skills that proved to be practical throughout university. I didn’t feel thrown in the deep end and ended up spending time teaching students who didn’t do OnTrack the skills [such as referencing]." 

"I think the most influential thing I learnt at university, is that school and university demand have very different skill-sets. Just because you aren’t suited to the school system, does not mean you’re an academic failure." 

If you didn't finish high school or don't have any existing qualifications, there's also the opportunity to complete the STAT. The STAT assesses your capacity and aptitude to study at university, and builds on your ability to think critically, rather than determine your eligibility based on knowledge-specific learning.

Creative entry for creative thinkers

Are you more of a creative thinker? There's an admissions pathway for that too, and is a pathway familiar to Alexandra: “In high school I struggled with my grades and often felt as though I didn't have the right skills for university. I wish I had known the problem wasn't my abilities, just that I needed the right inspiration.”

Alexandra gained entry to Murdoch through the Media Portfolio Award and hasn't looked back since. She now studies Games Art and Design and spent a semester studying abroad in Salzburg. If you're looking to enrol in an arts course, the Media Portfolio Award admissions pathway will assess your capacity based on your motivation and potential for creative aptitude.

“To really know if you will enjoy something, you often need to experience it first-hand. The great part about studying at Murdoch is once you have been accepted, it is possible to experience many different opportunities for career pathways."

Use what you've already got and get recognised for prior study

Part of being a free-thinker means embracing all types of life experiences and learning how to make the most of them. This means acknowledging the things you've done in the past, to make the most for your future.

Credit for previous study for some courses at Murdoch can be awarded to students who have completed a Certificate IV or higher, or successfully completed at least two units at another recognised tertiary or higher education provider. 

Exploring admission into university through some of Murdoch's partner institutions is also a valuable step for people who do not yet meet Murdoch's minimum English language requirements.

So depending on the course you're interested in studying, your previous experience, and your aptitude for learning, there is more than one way to gain entry into university and free your Think.

Explore these pathways and more online or chat with someone on 1300 687 3624. 

Posted on:

19 Sep 2018

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