VIDEO: Embracing creativity to push boundaries

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There’s no telling how much your life can change when you discover what it is that really makes you tick.

For Daniel, it was recognising and embracing his love of art and games.

After a positive experience at Open Day, Daniel followed his passion for creativity into university to study Games Art and Design with a double major in Sound. It was the support he received from staff and academics which encouraged him to give back and become a mentor for others.

His hands-on learning experiences enabled him to discover how creative and independent thinking has expanded his world beyond just his life at university, and find the inspiration to push forward with a sense of trust in his own abilities. Stepping outside of his comfort zone has allowed him to find confidence in himself that has translated into all aspects of his life.

Breaking free from the familiar can be scary, but it can open you up to a world of new possibilities to broaden your horizons and gain new skills. Read the full story on how Daniel has embraced his creativity to push boundaries.

Posted on:

13 Aug 2018

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