VIDEO: An unconventional path to success

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You’d be surprised by what you can do once you ignore that sense of fear and self-doubt.

Without having finished high school, Talitha has pushed forward to complete a PhD in Molecular Biology at Murdoch. Having never had the confidence in school, she’s now learnt how to engage her passion and make a positive difference to the world around her.

Talitha’s journey began as a trainee vet nurse after pursuing an opportunity to do work experience. Feeling encouraged by a newfound passion for learning and a drive to make a difference, she soon began studying at university. Through the doubt and fear of not knowing what to expect, it wasn’t long until she discovered a world of new opportunities, experiences and a sense of confidence in herself she never knew she had.

Talitha’s story proves the importance of asking questions, challenging your boundaries and having faith in your own abilities. Read the full story about Talitha’s unconventional path to success.

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22 Aug 2018

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