Could my child be eligible for a university scholarship?

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Starting university comes with new experiences for your child – and new expenses for you. But not all those first-year cash outlays have to come out of your pocket.

You might be pleasantly surprised to discover your Year 12 student is eligible for a university scholarship, even if they aren’t receiving top marks in all classes. Here’s what you need to know to make sure your child doesn’t miss out on an incredibly useful financial benefit.

No limitations on how they spend

The Murdoch First financial scholarship is a cash award for qualified first-year university students attending Murdoch University. It’s designed to help them meet all those first-time and unexpected costs. Depending on eligibility, your child could receive $2000 or $3000 without any restraints on how they choose to spend the money.

That’s right; you don’t have to use the scholarship towards tuition or lab fees. Students are encouraged to spend the money on education-related expenses but it’s not always easy to anticipate what those might be. One Murdoch First scholarship recipient was in dire need of professional clothing to attend industry functions and school competitions. Others have used it for a new laptop, transportation costs, or textbooks and office supplies.

No limits on the number of scholarships

Any Year 12 student who meets eligibility criteria will receive a Murdoch First scholarship. There’s no limit on the number of scholarships awarded. To be eligible for the scholarship, your Year 12 student must:

  • Have an unadjusted ATAR of 80 or above.
  • Nominate a Murdoch University course as the first preference in their TISC application, and ensure they complete the application by the closing date.
  • Be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.
  • Meet English language competency requirements. Your child will need to pass their English class at high school. If they haven’t, your child will be able to sit the supplementary STAT test over December and January and still qualify for a scholarship. 
  • Enroll as a full-time university student without deferring.

Students enrolling in veterinary science degrees are not eligible for Murdoch First. There are many other scholarships available for Veterinary Medicine study.

How to apply for a Murdoch First scholarship

There’s no application or paperwork to complete for the Murdoch First scholarship program. The key requirement is to select Murdoch as the first TISC preference. Students are automatically considered and all eligible students will receive the scholarship.

How much is the scholarship worth?

If a student meets all the eligibility criteria and has an unadjusted ATAR over 80, they’ll receive a payment of $2,000. Those who qualify with an unadjusted ATAR over 90 will receive $3,000.

The payment is made in two instalments and paid directly to the student.  They’re free to spend the money how they choose, even on furniture for a share house or on an overseas holiday. 

Let your child know about Murdoch First

Your Year 12 student may not realise they’re eligible for a scholarship. As they near the end of their high school career, knowing a decent ATAR could give them a boost to their bank account could be the motivation they need to keep putting in their best effort.

Talk to your Year 12 student about the Murdoch First scholarship or, better yet, show them this video. 

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26 Aug 2019

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