Campus Day Out: A bridge to uni life

Year 12 students on guided tour

As high school draws to a close, it can be difficult for students to imagine what the next chapter of education holds for them.

Campus Day Out is a ‘VIP event’ for Year 12 Uni Entry Safety Net applicants. It’s designed to be a fun, safe way to help students start the transition from high school to university. The event took place at Murdoch’s Perth campus on 1 October 2020 and, by all accounts, was exactly what Year 12s wanted and needed.

I loved how nice everyone was. I felt included yet still respected as an adult.”

For new students, hosted by current students

More than 300 students attended the event where student ambassadors, aka Murdoch Ready Mentors, helped pave the way for life at university. Three sessions in different areas of study took place, allowing attendees to meet current students and other Year 12s with similar interests. The sessions included:

  • Business
  • Law & Criminology and Social & Cultural Studies
  • Science, Engineering and Teaching.
I enjoyed the insight into my degree as it inspired me to want to get involved and feel 100% comfortable at Murdoch.”

A live Q&A panel of nine Murdoch Ready Mentors provided the opportunity for Year 12s to ask questions about courses and life on campus. The Mentors answered questions and shared their own experiences, giving the event a peer-to-peer vibe the future students enjoyed.

I loved when they did the interviews with the Murdoch Mentors at the beginning of the tour. It really helped me understand more about uni life.”

Year 12s were able to mingle, meet new people, and explore the campus with facility tours hosted by the Murdoch Ready Mentors. Focused completely on student life, these guided walks around campus allowed future students to see and feel what they’ll be experiencing next year.

I enjoyed how welcome I felt at the campus and how amazing the facilities are and how they were explained. The people were also all extremely friendly and willing to lend a hand and give advice.”

Other activities at Murdoch’s Campus Day Out

Campus Day Out was supported by Red Frogs, a not-for-profit group dedicated to the safety and wellbeing of young people from the ages of 13 to 30. The Red Frogs’ volunteers ramped up the crowd’s energy while making students feel welcome and safe. They also provided information to the Year 12s about upcoming Leavers activities to ensure they have fun and avoid harm.

There were lots more activities and freebies for Years 12s at Campus Day Out, including a mini festival where Year 12s could chill out and get more information about Admissions, Health and Wellbeing.

As a regional student, I don’t really have the opportunity to meet people from the city, so it was great to meet some people in the city with the same interests and I made some pretty interesting friends too.” 

More future student events

A Year 12 outdoor cinema night took place on 10 December at the Perth campus, a VIP event for Year 12 students who have applied to study at Murdoch through the Year 12 Uni Entry Safety Net. Students enjoyed a movie under the stars and also benefited from spending time with Murdoch Ready Mentors. Check out the Future Students at Murdoch University Facebook group for more information.

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21 Oct 2020

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