Deepa Machaiah: Mastering instrumentation engineering at Murdoch

Student Deepa Machaiah posing and smiling outside building and grass tree at Murdoch

Studying a postgraduate engineering degree at Murdoch allowed international student Deepa to make friends from all over the world and achieve her professional goals.

With a lifelong passion for problem solving and innovation, it was no surprise to anyone who knew Deepa Machaiah when she enrolled to complete a Bachelor in Electronics and Communication Engineering after completing high school.

After spending 10 years developing her skills and perfecting her craft, Deepa decided to return to university to pursue a Master of Engineering in Instrumentation, Control and Industrial Computer Systems Engineering at Murdoch.

"The desire to upskill and specialise in the engineering field motivated me to research and choose a great university. I decided to study at Murdoch because it provided a high standard and industry relevant course, which I thought was perfect to upgrade my skills in line with my previous study and work experience."

Deepa was also convinced by Murdoch's emphasis on practical learning in world-class facilities, including the fully functioning Bayer Pilot Plant, the only student engineering plant of its kind in Western Australia.

"The course structure is well balanced with theory and practical learning, with great emphasis on the practical aspect of engineering. Murdoch provided me with opportunities to advance my skills further with incredible real-world infrastructure and facilities."

A warm welcome to Murdoch

Deepa was welcomed to Murdoch and the wider Perth community with open arms by new friends and University support staff.

"My experience at Murdoch has been wonderful. The campus is so relaxing, and I've been able to make friends from different countries and love the fact that the University is so multicultural.

"I also love Perth weather and the relaxed lifestyle. The people are very warm and welcoming and public transport is safe and easy - not to mention the lovely beaches!"

Deepa was especially thankful for O-Week and the support of the Student Services team, both at the beginning and throughout her university journey.

"Orientation Week was helpful in getting accustomed to various aspects of life at Murdoch University and in Australia. The support staff and volunteers are also amazingly friendly and caring. They were so willing to help no matter how big or small the issue was."

Deepa was also welcomed to Murdoch with an International Welcome Scholarship. Offered to eligible international students commencing an undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degree at one of our Western Australia campuses, an International Welcome Scholarship assists students with course fees, providing a contribution of up to AU$12,000 or 20% for coursework degrees, or AU$10,000 for an honours degree.

"Murdoch's International Welcome Scholarship is invaluable for international students like me as it helps to reduce financial stress and provides a chance to help achieve your dream."

Recommending Murdoch to others

When asked if she would recommend Murdoch to others, Deepa doesn't hesitate in her glowing praise.

"My journey has been brilliant, and I would absolutely recommend studying at Murdoch University, especially for engineering. The ambience on campus is relaxing and culturally diverse, plus the Master of Engineering in Instrumentation, Control and Industrial Computer Systems Engineering is distinctive and well known in Australia.

"To make a difference in any facet of life you need to understand the basics, that’s where Murdoch’s course structure is ideal. By better understanding the basics I am confident I can contribute to society in a positive way. The University offers real world experience in the engineering field to prepare you for future career challenges."

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28 Aug 2019

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