Future of Food

Murdoch University is helping to supercharge Western Australia’s food industry.

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Future of Food

WA produces some exceptional and unique ingredients grown under the best of conditions, but most of these ingredients leave our shores completely untransformed in any way. There is untapped potential for Western Australia to develop a range of new food export businesses, centred around these high quality raw ingredients.

Murdoch University researchers are helping to make food safer, last longer and to be transformed into products sought after by consumers worldwide.

We are at the forefront of developing personalised nutrition programs, which will play in combating disease, diabetes, and chronic ill health in the future.

Welcome to the future of WA food.

Lamb cuts
Latest Issue 10 Dec 2018

Popular lamb cuts face the consumer taste test

A large-scale consumer survey run by Murdoch University researchers has shown a high level of interest for premium-quality lamb cuts from discerning buyers in Australia, USA and China.

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