What kind of job can you get with a degree in social & cultural studies?

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Are you interested in people, society and culture? Do you find yourself wondering how people live or have lived in the past? Or maybe you have a burning desire to help humanity in some way? Choose from our wide courses in social and cultural studies.

Now, more than ever, the world needs people with creative ideas and critical thinking skills, the ability to see problems from different angles and, above all, a passion for humanity.

Stop your search for “how to become…” – we’re going to show you what kind of job you could have with a social and cultural studies degree.

What job can I get with a degree in international aid and development?

When disasters strike, you always see people rushing in to assist. Many of them stay long-term, including international aid workers. 

Did you know Murdoch gives students the opportunity to attend UN climate change talks and IMF World Bank meetings through the Global Voices Scholarship?

The job of an international aid worker is varied. One day you might be conducting interviews and collecting data from the local population, the next you could be delivering water and other supplies. This degree offers plenty of career options: international diplomacy, development worker, and refugee and migrant support worker. Employers include the UN, Red Cross, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) such as World Vision, and the Australian government.

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What job can I get with a degree in terrorism and counterterrorism studies?

When footage of terrorism is splashed across our TV screens and social media, we’re all understandably shocked. But there is comfort in knowing there are people around the world working hard to keep our communities safe.

There are a variety of different roles in this field. A counterterrorism consultant identifies terrorist threats to prevent attack, while a security and risk manager might advise clients on potential risks; for example, an organisation hosting a music festival. A third option is an intelligence analyst who collects and analyses information, such as satellite surveillance and human intelligence, to investigate threats.

Read more about what a career in counterterrorism looks like, or find out what it’s like to study the course with graduate Alana Ford, who now works at the Department of Home Affairs.

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What job can I get with a degree in languages?

Did you know speaking another language physically changes the brain? It also makes you a very attractive prospect to employers and opens up a world of possibilities for a career abroad. Study a Bachelor of Arts in Japanese, Indonesian as a minor, or a Graduate Diploma in Asian Language where you’ll study the full year overseas. You won’t just learn the language; you’ll be exposed to the country’s worldviews, the history, and cultural practices of the people.

Murdoch students have won a total of $4.9 million in scholarships for study in Japan.

Job-wise, choose from being a language teacher, tour operator or interpreter. Or add a second major to have a thrilling career as a foreign correspondent or as a diplomat.

Learn more about studying Japan's rich language and culture.

What job can I get with a degree in global politics and policy?

Politics is a red-hot topic right now. Everyone from your grandma to the barista serving you coffee has an opinion on the current state of affairs. A politics degree takes you one step further, from a keen interest into a profession that makes a difference from the individual level through to the global community.

You could climb the ladder to become a politician or policy advisor in state or federal government. If you feel passionate about certain issues and you’re persuasive, consider a career in lobbying. Or, become a political reporter keeping the system honest.

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What job can I get with a degree in history?

We’re captivated by the stories of days gone by. Watching documentaries and historical fiction (Chernobyl, Vikings, Downton Abbey, and Outlander), reading articles and books, and talking about wars and events with ease. History is in no way irrelevant. It has shaped the world we live in and helps people feel at home in their country and culture.

Graduates go into careers as diplomats, government policy advisors, research officers, historians, academics, and documentary researchers. There is also the opportunity to work as a heritage consultant providing advice, planning and strategy for projects in conservation, urban planning, museums, cultural or prehistoric monuments.

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What job can I get with a degree in community development?

Work hands-on with people in need and make a real difference. Depending on your interests, you could work closely with schools, local councils, Indigenous communities, remote education, social services, disability organisations, urban planning, or even overseas aid.

One option is a community development officer. You might, for example, work in local government to apply strategies and policies to community initiatives. You could plan events and campaigns to meet the group’s particular needs, or meet with people face-to-face to help them access the right services and facilities.

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What job can I get with a degree in tourism and events?

There has been an increase in eco travel, nature-based travel and cultural awareness in recent years. We all have a responsibility to make sure tourism and events are ethical and sustainable, and this course focuses on this link between tourism, policy, and environmental and cultural management.

Career opportunities include: tourism operations manager, hotel manager, or a policy adviser in a government role. Or, pursue a career in event management. Great event management is crucial – but if you’ve never noticed this at an event you’ve been to, it’s probably because of the professionals behind the scenes making sure everything was perfect!

Start your career in tourism and events.

Find out more about these careers in The Good Careers Guide and take a read of all the degrees we offer in social and cultural studies.

Get a better understanding for social and cultural studies and check out our Humanities and Social Sciences Open Night videos.

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11 Mar 2020

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