Transition your career through Murdoch’s pre-law course

Looking for a career change? Meet Morgan Crawford, a business consultant who made the bold move to transition his career to follow his passion for law reform and politics, through studying the pre-law course at Murdoch.

Current Bachelor of Laws student Morgan was born in Perth and came from a large family of eight siblings. He has an array of hobbies including playing sports, going to the gym and trips with his family to the Margaret River Wine Region in the South-West of Western Australia. 

Morgan’s passion for law reform and politics spurred his transition from business consulting into studying law through the pre-law course at Murdoch.

Choosing Murdoch to study a pre-law course

Morgan left high school early and culminated a wealth of experience in the workforce.

He found success in business consulting, where he worked with business owners, from single entrepreneurs to larger corporations, creating internal systems and new job roles to support efficiency and sometimes prepare for expansion.

After many years in business consulting, Morgan decided he wanted to move into a career in law. With a passion for legislative reform, he wants to represent the people of Australia, ensuring legislation is progressive and reflective of all Australians and their interests. Given he had never gone to university before, he wasn’t sure if there were pathways into law which fitted his circumstances.  

That was until Morgan discovered the pre-law course at Murdoch, which appeared to be a modern and progressive choice accounting for his professional experience and specific interest in law. From there, he decided to reach out directly to his future teachers.  

“When I first enquired, my initial interaction with the Academic Chair of Law, Steve Shaw, was inviting and I had a positive experience. He explained the pre-law course would allow me to taste test the area of law, and test my aptitude at a minimum expense and time commitment.”

From this conversation and his own research, Morgan decided to take the plunge. And that personal touch from his educators was a sign of what more lay ahead.

“Since my first day of study, not one lecturer or tutor has been the same, and as such I've enjoyed deepening my understanding of learning outcomes through experiencing the differing teaching styles.

“My teachers were friendly, and they gave me the confidence to ask questions when I was unsure of anything.”

How the pre-law course prepared Morgan for studying law

After studying the pre-law course, Morgan was hooked. He has since gone on to enrol full time in a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) with the goal of becoming a lawyer in legislative reform.

Morgan believes studying the pre-law course has given him a head start in preparing for his career in law, especially through the unit MSP100 - Career Learning: Managing Your Career.

“MSP100 was a great learning experience in preparing me for the future workforce; especially through networking, building my online presence and making plans for early work experience.” 

Beyond the opportunity to get a head-start on your law career before you even start your law degree, Morgan recommends studying Murdoch’s pre-law course as the consideration and support provided by unit lecturers, tutors and co-ordinators is phenomenal.

“Every effort was made to ensure that the stresses and struggles faced by students are not only acknowledged but assisted with. This to me is the key to succeeding in any area of learning.”

Interested in transitioning your career into law? Find out if a pre-law course is for you.

Posted on:

24 Jun 2021

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