Transferring to Murdoch from another university

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There are so many reasons why you might want to change universities. Here are the details you need to know before you apply.

Just because you have been studying at one university, you don’t have to stay there for the duration of your course. Even if you have completed over half of your degree, you can still change institutions. We have a high number of students transferring into our courses from elsewhere and you can apply to do the same if you think you would prefer to study at Murdoch.

Why do people change universities?

There are many different reasons why people make the switch. Here are just some of the reasons why we have welcomed new students. They:

  • Have changed their mind about their career pathway
  • Found their course difficult or different to what they expected
  • Have done a similar degree elsewhere but the one at Murdoch suits them better
  • Need flexible options while working or caring for their family
  • Failed units at their original university
  • Need recognition by a professional body and a Murdoch qualification will provide that
  • Discovered a Murdoch qualification is favoured by employers in their future field
  • Are relocating to be closer to friends and/or family members
  • Have moved to Western Australia or immigrated into Australia, and
  • Have been recommended to Murdoch by peers

How to transfer to Murdoch from another university

Firstly, we recommend students apply online. From here, staff will get in touch to provide a personal service, as each applicant has a unique advanced standing experience. Secondly, be prepared to provide an official academic transcript and your current university’s unit guides.

When in the academic year can I transfer?

You can apply any time throughout the year. You will, however, have to begin at the start of a new semester (assuming that the unit/s you need are available then) and before the census date. Find out more about key dates.

What university can I transfer from?

We accept applications from students at accredited institutions across WA, Australia, and even overseas!

How long will it take for my application to be processed?

Generally between one day and two weeks, depending on the volume of applicants and the amount of study you have already completed. 

When is the earliest and latest in my degree I can transfer to Murdoch?

One semester is the minimum. On the other end of the spectrum, you must transfer within the final year with no less than one semester left.

What happens if I’ve failed units?

Students are understandably reluctant to disclose that they have failed a unit (or more), but this is not something that will make you an undesirable applicant. At Murdoch, our philosophy is to assess people based on their potential. We may ask the student to outline what has happened and we’ll help them access tailored support. If we can see you have the initiative, there is a good chance of being accepted into your desired course.

Are there any courses that have restrictions?

While you can apply to any course with us, there are some that have quotas or may have other restrictions for that semester or with particular units. We recommend speaking to student services to find out more.

Can I transfer to Murdoch but then change my course?

Yes, however there are ‘restricted course transfers’ and ‘competitive entry courses’, such as Veterinary Science. Learn more.

What other transfer options do I have?

You can study at Murdoch but not necessarily change university entirely. For example, you might just be keen on one particular elective that has captured your interest, or to study in Perth for a semester or two. In this case, you may want to participate in cross-institutional enrolment or study abroad.

Are you ready to join Murdoch? Apply now online. If you need further assistance, speak to our student services team on 1300 687 3624 or email

Posted on:

19 Apr 2022

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