There’s a lot to explore on campus

From unique native Australian wildlife to a campus big enough to fit over 100 football ovals, there’s a lot to explore on our South Street campus.

Wildlife unique to our campus

We’re lucky enough to have a native Australian marsupial on campus – the quenda. Quendas are a species of bandicoot that have an extremely low population (placing them in the threatened species list), that you can often see darting between bushes or snacking along the Broadwalk. While they may befriend you in the hopes of getting food, research has shown that these little inhabitants of our South Street campus are not only cute but great for the environment.

Native flora on campus

If you’re walking between lectures or just enjoying a stroll around campus on a sunny day, you’ll quickly notice the scenic environment around you. We have 47 documented native plant species around campus that work together to provide a relaxing and beautiful area to study in.

Second largest campus in Australia

Our South street campus is Australia's second largest campus geographically, spanning 2.27 square kilometres (227 hectares). Due to the size, we can provide opportunities that give our students an edge while gaining real-life experience during their studies. These include:

  • utilising Australia’s only on-campus university farm,
  • visiting the animal hospital to train how to be a vet, and
  • working in our renewable energy research facilities to be an engineer.

Take a look at just how much there is to explore around campus in our infographic below.

If you have any other questions about what campus life is like, come see it for yourself by organising a tour or get in touch with us on 1300 687 3624.

Infographic about the native flora and fauna on campus

Posted on:

5 Sep 2019

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