The experiences of women in STEMM

Murdoch University presents the Women in STEMM Research symposium

Renowned burns specialist, Professor Fiona Wood, inspired more than 150 professionals and students when Murdoch University Women in STEMM held their third annual research symposium recently.

Professor Wood joined other guest speakers, including some of Murdoch’s top researchers, delivering insight and inspiration. Fiona Wood presents her work and what it's like to be a woman in STEMM at Murdoch University's Women in STEMM Research Symposium   

She started symposium with full force, delving straight into her passion for skin regeneration, her current challenges as a scientist and a woman, as well as finishing on a brilliant note about the importance of family and their support in any career. 

Keep something of the best of you for those who care the most for you." Professor Fiona Wood

"Some days will be hard so connect with people who have positive energy and find your tribe. But, don't forget your loved ones, they are the ones who will get you through the hard times and they need you," she said as she concluded.

Fiona Wood presents her work and what it's like to be a woman in STEMM at Murdoch University's Women in STEMM Research Symposium

Following Professor Wood, the symposium was continued by wonderful speakers who invited attendees into their world of research through a range of topics from dementia prevention all the way to meat quality assurance and biosecurity.  

Murdoch University Biochemistry Professor Una Ryan was just one of the many speakers who presented. Professor Ryan unpacked the research she conducted with her incredible team about vector and waterborne pathogens and how parasitic infections are passed on.  

There was great discussion with the panellists how one carries out a future in STEMM as well as many other intriguing questions from scientist attendees.
Panel members included Dr Petra Skeffington (Murdoch University), Professor Sophia Nimphius (Edith Cowen University), Dr Hakuei Fujiyama (Murdoch University) and Associate Professor Jeremiah Peiffer (Murdoch University).  

Congratulations to the organising committee for all their hard work and important contributions that made the symposium a success. 

We look forward to who will be featured next year. 

The Women in STEMM Symposium was supported by the Athena SWANN program which aims to improve gender quality in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine in the Australian higher education and research sector.  

Murdoch University has a long-standing commitment to the values of equity and social justice, shown through our academic and professional activities. 

Posted on:

16 Nov 2021



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