Sustainability at Murdoch

Illustration of eco-friendly life with people planting trees and using solar panels

Murdoch uni has a longstanding reputation as being ahead of the curve on sustainability, and environmental research.

Murdoch is focused on reducing waste to landfill and plastic waste, reducing overall carbon emissions, protecting and enhancing campus biodiversity and supporting student welfare. We don’t just talk about it, either. Murdoch was the first university in Western Australia to sign a commitment to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. Here are just some of the ways we’re doing our bit to help the environment on campus:
Illustrated infographic about the sustainability practices on campus


We have an abundant group of students and staff concerned about the environment and doing what they can to help keep our campus. As just one of many activities performed by the Murdoch Environmental Restoration Group (MERG), 6,500 native trees and shrubs have been planted since 2011. MERG is a major contributor to our environmental policy, which promises to plant three trees for every one taken down on campus.

Caring for our bushland is not only what we do on campus, it’s what we teach in Environmental Science, Conservation and Wildlife Biology and Environmental Management and Sustainability.

Ride, don’t drive!

Our Perth campus encourages students and staff to ride their bikes to uni. We have a range of bike racks and bike lockers providing secure parking for 426 bikes including electric bikes! Not only is riding your bike an eco-friendly way to get to uni, when your classes are on different sides of the campus it’s also a great way to get around quickly.  

Did you know: you can get to Murdoch on public transport in 15 mins from Perth CBD?

Renewable Energy

In the last four years, we have reduced our energy consumption by 26 per cent thanks to the installation of energy saving technology and systems in lighting, air conditioning and cooling. Not only do we continue to reduce our energy consumption, we also generate our own power with investments in renewable energy, like our library solar panel array which generates about 89,000kWh per year - avoiding 62 tonnes of CO2 equivalent annually.

If you’re interested in protecting the environment, you could be suited to a future­­­­­ in Environmental Science.

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15 Oct 2019

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