Receiving an offer through the Year 12 Uni Entry Safety Net

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The recently introduced Year 12 Uni Entry Safety Net, a new way for final year high school students to get into uni in 2021, has been a popular FAQ topic. We answer your top queries.

If you’re in your final year of high school, the events of 2020 have probably left you wondering about uni next year. This is completely understandable, and you’re not alone in feeling concerned about your future and your career.

That’s why we’ve introduced the Year 12 Uni Entry Safety Net, to help those whose ATAR studies have been disrupted. Because it’s still new, we know you’ve likely got questions – and that’s what we’re here to do!

What is the Year 12 Uni Entry Safety Net?

In a nutshell, it means if you’re finishing Year 12 in 2020 and hoping to attend university, you can apply to Murdoch using your Year 11 ATAR results.

Are there courses where the safety net doesn’t apply?

Yes. This is the case with the Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Veterinary Biology and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM). Students who want to take either of these courses will need to meet the usual ATAR requirements and follow the traditional application pathway via TISC.

Do I need to apply through TISC?

Out of all the courses covered by the safety net, only Veterinary Science requires a TISC application. Keep in mind that the last day you can apply for this course is 20 December, but we do recommend applying sooner – even by the early bird closing date of 30 September. For all other courses, apply direct to Murdoch (the sooner the better). We’ll advise you if there’s any reason you need to apply via TISC.

How do I apply to the Year 12 Uni Entry Safety Net?

We’ve made it very easy, and you can do apply directly on our website – start your application here. However, as we’ve said, if you’re interested in pursuing Vet Science, you’ll need to go through TISC.

When will I know if my Safety Net application has been accepted?

If you’ve been successful, you’ll receive a formal offer within weeks.

I’m not 100% sure about my course preferences. What should I do?

That’s fine. You can change your course preferences at any time, and we’ll advise how to do this in your offer letter. And remember, you can also change your majors, minors and even your whole degree once you’ve started uni.

Will my offer be revoked if I fail an ATAR subject?

No. Your pre-COVID results from Year 11 give us a good idea of your potential, so we will honour the offer – even if you don’t perform that well in your final year.

If I haven’t done the recommended subjects, will someone else be chosen over me?

No. At Murdoch we have recommended subjects rather than prerequisites. These are units you can catch up with once you’re at uni.

Are there any important closing dates?

Yes. The last day you can apply for Nursing in Semester 1 2021 is 11 December 2020, with all documents to be submitted by 15 December. This is a very popular course, so we suggest applying as soon as possible.

Also, Veterinary Science has an early closing date of 20 December. For this course, you should think about applying before 30 September to be eligible for the early bird fee. And remember, you’ll need to go through TISC for Vet Science.

Can I use my Year 12 ATAR results to apply to university instead?

Yes. However, we do recommend that you apply early using your Year 11 subject results. You can then reapply for courses using your Year 12 ATAR if you want to. Knowing you’ve secured your uni spot will give you some reassurance and stress relief for the rest of the year.

How do I change my predicted ATAR on my Safety Net application?

If you’ve already applied through the safety net, your forms can be updated if your Year 12 ATAR score is higher. Just email and request an update to your application.

Can I defer my course once I have been accepted?

Yes. This is exactly the same process as normal. Your place in an undergraduate degree can be deferred for up to two years, and there are no consequences for deferring. You are free to take a gap year, work, or do whatever it is you were planning on doing. Your place is safe.

What if I don’t get in?

Your dream of attending university isn’t over! At Murdoch, we believe in equal opportunities in study, so there are still plenty of options. If you miss out with both sets of results, have a look at our enabling programs OnTrack and FlexiTrack.

The Meet Murdoch team is available from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, to advise you on a range of course options and pathways into them. Call 1300 687 3624 (then select #1) to discuss your options.

Ready to get started? Apply now with the Year 12 Uni Entry Safety Net.
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14 Sep 2020

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