Quiz: Which social and cultural studies major are you?

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The modern world is a connected and complex web of intrigue and we need critical thinkers who are able to problem-solve in creative ways. Take our quiz to discover which social and cultural studies major suits you best.

Are you keen to make an impact on society? If you have a passion for humankind and solving real-world dilemmas, take a closer look at a social and cultural studies degree at Murdoch.

You can quite literally help to change the world by taking on International Aid and Development by finding ways to help reduce poverty, work on international aid and development projects to improve communities on a global scale. Or you could impact the world with Journalism by weaving your magic with storytelling.

There are other courses you may not have thought would be the ignition point of your career. Philosophy, for example, delves deep into themes that have never been more topical, like power, ethics, and knowledge. You can apply the skills you learn in this global degree to almost all industries – media, government, NGOs – essentially anywhere that values critical thinkers who are able to approach problems logically and with creative vision.

You can always change your major once you’re at uni, so don’t worry if you realise another course will better match your interests and skills. Read more about choosing a major.

Take the quiz now to see which major suits you! 

Posted on:

12 May 2021

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