Murdoch University’s transformation kicks off

An artist's impression of the new academic building

Tenders have been invited for the construction of Western Australia’s largest mass engineered timber building, which marks the beginning of a visionary transformation program for Murdoch University.

Murdoch University’s Chief Operating Officer Darren McKee said the 6-star Green Star academic building will transform the delivery of higher education at Murdoch and is true to one of the University’s core founding principles of sustainability.

“The new academic building will be the first of a number of projects that will position Murdoch University over the next five years to continue its growth in education and research,” Mr McKee said.

This new academic building, comprising approximately 16,000m2 over four floors, will be a creative warehouse incorporating a modern timber structure that will enhance the student experience and provide flexibility for the University to adapt to the changing delivery of education over time.

“We have challenged our architects and engineers to explore all opportunities to incorporate the best sustainability concepts, into a truly world-leading timber structure which is future focused, while delivering the highest standards of educational excellence.

“It is designed to provide spaces that allow more innovative use of technology and teaching approaches, from augmented reality to artificial intelligence. This will enable us to cater for students’ different learning needs and deliver a unique and highly engaging experience on campus at Murdoch.

“The building will also include immersive industry collaboration facilities that will enable students to interact with industry and learn skills to tackle real world scenarios as they undertake their studies.”

Mr McKee said that the project, as part of a University wide transformation program, will enable Murdoch to be ready to adapt and evolve to take advantage of future global opportunities and responsibilities. 

The program of work over the next five years includes:

  • Plans to develop a vertical campus in the Perth CBD
  • A District Energy Project that will see the installation a 5.7-megawatt solar photovoltaic system at the South Street campus – incorporating a peer to peer energy trading system. 
  • A new state-of-the-art research focused facility in the Murdoch Knowledge and Health precinct that will draw together some of the world’s best health and medical researchers.
  • The Harry Butler Environmental Education Centre, a world-first facility for environmental education in Western Australia.

Mr McKee said Murdoch University’s transformation program would enable the University to deliver on its vision to be recognised as a world-changing University by Western Australian, national and international communities.

The new academic building will extend from Discovery Way, which will become the University’s new primary address, to the centre of the campus, adjacent to Bush Court and the University Library.

200 new jobs are expected to be created during construction.

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Posted on:

21 Feb 2020

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