Murdoch top environmentally sustainable practices for 2022

Professor Bill Hare presenting at the WREC 2022.

Sustainability has been part of Murdoch’s values since the beginning.

Throughout 2022, our staff and students have been connecting to our roots by implementing initiatives across our campuses to create a more sustainable environment and educate our communities about best practises. 

From climate change, to energy, to environmentally friendly initiatives, our researchers, staff and students are making our world more sustainable by the day and encouraging people to think about how their actions can make a difference. 

Climate change 

We have researchers who specialise in the effects of climate change and how we can together change the future impact.

Climate action

Some achievements in climate change this year include: 


Renewable energy, energy efficiency, and hydrogen are the way of the future towards more sustainable living and homes.

Dr Martin Andas house

In 2022, achievements in energy include, but are not limited to: 

  • Discovered what it will take for Western Australia to build and renovate more energy efficient homes

  • Revealed the tremendous opportunity in front of WA and how plugging into the battery boom can underpin a clean, sustainable, intelligent way of life. 

  • Hosting the 21st World Renewable Energy Congress that focused on creating a pathway to economic recovery and climate change mitigation. 

  • Murdoch partnered with the City of Mandurah, Peel Development Commission and hydrogen industry businesses to establish the region as a leading hydrogen technology developer and enabler. 

Environmentally friendly 

Researchers, staff and students have worked together to create an environmentally friendly campus and educate others. Recycling and reusing initiatives, Boola Katitijin, and replanting projects have impacted not just our campus but the entire WA community. 

Dr Grey Coupland with student planting trees - 860 X 480

These initiatives and projects from 2022 include, but are not limited to: 

  • Researchers from Murdoch's Harry Butler Institute have developed sustainable concrete (Colliecrete) that could form the basis of a new building and construction industry in the town of Collie.    

  • New research and footage captured by Murdoch University scientists revealed the damage from microplastics on the environment with particles posing potential threat to organisms when ingested. 

  • Discovered the best way to contribute to environmentally practises after death

We'll continue to live sustainably in 2023!

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21 Dec 2022

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